A life update on my 36th.

It has been quite a sabbatical. The last 10 months have been one big sprint in some ways and one epic-ly long stretch of not much except work in others. Let's just say that 35 wasn't my favorite. Odd numbered years are not my jam. I laid in bed last night thinking "did i write a blog post last year laying out my goals for 35? if so, i am fucked because i don't think that most of those things happened." And sure enough, I did. And sure enough, I'm fucked. It is certainly not for lack of trying because I have really been trying my ass off for all of those things. Not much is working and maybe I'm trying to hard but I can tell you what I'm not going to do this year-lay out goals. No more jinxing.

So, here is my life update in a nutshell:

+Finish Autocad and be working for a design firm, or for myself as a designer by this time next year (check to the first part of that, just registered for fall semester today). 
-This actually happened and it is lovely. I am working part-time with a great designer who I learn from everyday, and I am working part-time for myself. No complaints here. 

+Take a honeymoon to somewhere neither of us has been before (Italy, Morocco-I'm dreaming of you). 
-Nope. There has been less vacation in my life this year than any other years of my life.

+Go back to Hawaii, just to lay on the beach and take walks in warm night breezes. 
-Not yet. But our besties just moved there (i know) so we will be heading out for 2 whole weeks in November. Yes. 

+Start reading lots of books again. 
-Yes, I did this too. Currently reading The Silkwork and am making it a real priority to read on the weekends and before bed. It feels luxurious.

+Resume my long lost Ashtanga practice, not for my body but for my soul. 
-hmmm. I did dive back in for about two months. And then I lost it again in the shuffle of work. Still a major goal.

+Start cooking delicious, intentional food during the week. By myself. For my husband.
-I'm working on it. Some weeks are more productive than others.

+Stress less about money. 

+Stress less about everything. 

+Whittle down my wardrobe to only completely chic and lovely things. 

+Make a baby. If not have one, at least #pleasegodinheaven let me have one in my belly by this time next year. 
-No. Hands down the thing that is crushing my spirit. It has been two years since we started trying and in that time all of my friends have gotten pregnant and given birth. Like, I kid you not, every single one of them. I have never felt more lonely or more hopeless. It sucks. Infertility sucks.

+Move out of this city. 
-Nonono. Closer than ever but not quite there. 

+Buy a house and renovate it.
-See above. Because there is no way that any normal person can actually afford to buy a home in this city right now. 

+Start concepting a retail storefront to do my design work out of.
-Still working on it. A long-term goal, and it will not happen here. 

+Get another dog.
-Maybe next week? Seriously. 

And there you have it. 



Flirting with bringing this baby back. I have so much to share with you guys-fun new projects, life updates (not as fun, but, you know) and bad iPhone photos of good things. I'm juggling a lot but feel ready, a bit more balanced and prepared to handle it all.

Plus, I miss you.

Alright then. See you soon.

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