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The Rustic Modernist was born out of boredom with my day job and an overwhelming desire to share my obsession with interior design. I was spending a great majority of my days scouring blogs and design websites and needed an inspiration board for my findings, and also for my life.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The Rustic Modernist is a design-minded blog with some chatter about my life and city dwelling. The focus is on interiors and products that fit in with a rustic modern point of view. I am building a community of people who are interested in design but may not know where to find products or how to use them. I have experience in the interior design industry which gives me a unique eye. 

I post six times a week on average. The majority of my readers are college-educated, upper middle class thirty-somethings who either own or rent homes and who are always looking for new and interesting design and inspiration. 

Features: Findings, Currently Coveting, Essays, Seat of the Week, Spotlight and Saturday Stunners.

Site Stats | Monthly: 
Pageviews: 11,124
Unique Visitors: 2,751
Pages Per Visit: 2.65
Average Time on Site: 2:56

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200W x 100H or 125W x 125H pixel buttons in the left sidebar for sponsors who are a good fit for The Rustic Modernist. This ad will be visible on every page of the blog. 

Advertisers committing to three months will be featured in a blog post.

Additionally, for those sponsors who choose to buy annual or semi-annual space, I offer a discounted rate of 10%.

200W x 100H pixel button or 125W x 125H pixel button-$150 for three months. Payable through Paypal. 

I am open to other advertising options. Feel free to inquire.

Contact: therusticmodern@gmail.com

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