The Ace Hotel.

It has taken a long to hone my design taste. It has become much more focused the past year and I finally feel like I have a solid grasp on what I like and dislike. And I like Roman and Williams. I like them a lot. I want to live at their offices. Or rather, I want to live at The Ace Hotel.

I mean, really. The mix of whimsy and seriousness makes me drool. It is like a modern day cabin. For beautiful people.

The charcoals with the white and the wood. The plaids. Clean, crisp but unfussy.

I love the industrial lighting everywhere. The rustic with the modern. Cozy but not country, something almost old English about it. Roman and Williams nailed it, as usual. I think what I love most about it is that it is attainable. It isn't formulaic. I have always loved that old and new vibe. It creates character and makes a space feel lived in. A few more shots, just to get you through the day.



Monday morning and after years, literally years, of thinking about it, picturing it, planning it and running away from it, I am going to start this damn blog. I just moved into a brand new apartment smack in the middle of Laurel Heights in San Francisco. I would have never chosen this neighborhood but am slowly realizing that it is perfect for me-quiet, clean, and filled with insanely gorgeous Victorians. My morning dogwalks in the grey fog are the most inspiring part of my day. My dream would be to have all of the front doors open for me, so I could go in and see what everyone has done with their spaces.

I live on the fifth floor in a junior one-bedroom, with a dining room...odd, I know, but it was what sold me on the apartment. I fell in love with the freshly painted white walls the minute I walked in. I am a homebody and really wanted this place to feel cozy and beautiful. I think I have achieved it and as soon as I figure out how to work my camera, I will post pictures. Give me a minute...

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