Time, time, time is not on my side.

First, my lack of blogging. Second, my lack of drafting. Third, my lack of drawing. Hmmm. I am sensing a pattern here. I don't know if it is the coming of the winter months, or my work schedule or my complete and total failure to give up any of my social life...but I am just not doing IT. I pretty much want to sit in my huge chair next to my window and read blogs and look at beautiful houses and relax with my little man, Ponyboy all day. Everyday. This is not good. I need to focus my energy. And I need to learn photoshop because my posts look like crap.

Sooo, that being said. I am feeling inspire
d to post today! Mostly to procrastinate on doing my elevations for my drafting class, but still. I've been looking at some pictures today that I love. I am feeling a strong pull to more masculine designs, dark woods, greys, worn blacks, herringbone, fur (faux, duh), cedar scents. Nothing could make me happier than a log cabin right now. Or a beach, but that's besides the point.

This picture, drool. Love it. Want to be sitting by that fireplace.

And this chair. Excuse me. Holy beautiful. It makes my heart skip a beat.

I know this picture of Julianne Moore's living room has made the blog rounds months ago, on every blog. But I love it. Still. If I didn't live in a rental where I am not allowed to change the light fixtures I would hang this pendant immediately. What a warm light. Adds a little bit of softness to an otherwise hard room. Masculine/feminine, hard/soft, light/dark.

I love the dark fur thrown over that stool. I love the big slab of wood coffee table. The architecture of the room itself is stunning.
I have also decided that I want new floors in my apartment, either super dark herringbone wood or super light/whitewashed pine boards, not shiny, barely finished. I have lived with blond wood floors for the better part of my adult life. Don't get me wrong, I feel blessed to have wood floors. Carpet makes me want to die. But now I'm getting picky about it. With white walls and dark accents, beautifully done wood floors can make a room look and feel totally different.

I am seriously lamenting the fact that my house is done. I have the teensiest apartment, not much room to change it up. I need to finish painting my bedroom/closet, boring. And I wouldn't mind a new couch and that amazing floor lamp from Anthropologie. But otherwise, it's done. I need more work. I want a project. And I need someone to give me money to do it. I'm waiting.

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