Weekend update.

Hi guys. Coming off of a big weekend having close friends in town. The weather was insane. A San Francisco indian summer in all it's perfection. We met after work on Thursday and headed to NOPA, one of my favorite standbys for good late night food. They have seriously good fries and a great wine list. The next morning we woke up, got a little breakfast then headed to Hayes Valley to check out the new biergarten. Total awesomeness.

They had about 7 beers on tap, if I remember correctly, and 2 wines by the glass. Little snacks were available too. We shared a seeded pretzel that was pretty good.

I thought the design was interesting and simple and very appropriate to the scale and feel of the project. Rustic small picnic style tables gathered around a tree, simple lights strung around for nighttime. Plain but obviously very well thought out. It really did feel community driven.

It is part of Proxy SF which is basically a temporary urban space that utilizes renovated shipping containers to bring ever-changing ideas to a common space in the city. Right now, there are four businesses present-Biergarten, Ritual Coffee, Smitten Ice Cream and the Museum of Craft and Design. They are all run out of these shipping containers and the design is pretty dope. I love that you can design such a small simple space to be whatever you want. Each one is very different and creates a sense of uniqueness while retaining a sense of commonality. I think that the idea is to keep changing things up so it will be interesting to see what comes and goes in the next few years.

Weekend continued with lots of food drinks and laughs. And some recovery time in front of the tube watching American Horror Story (which I am completely obsessed with). Connie Britton has got her sh*t down, that is for sure.

Spending the rest of this blogging day on my blog roll and design, and applying for random jobs that I'll never get called back for. Tootaloo-be back tomorrow with a design feature on Roman and Williams. Over and out.

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