Summasummasummatime (oooh, summatime)

Wow. Holy heat wave. Seriously. This is not a complaint. Not by any means. It means summer and sun and ice cream cones from Bi-Rite Creamery (the Basil/Coconut combo is perfect for this weather) and lazy dogs and sweaty workouts and naps in afternoon sunspots. It also means inspiration and a bee in my bonnet. Oh, and not wanting to go to work. That too. I mean, who wants to work when, really, we should all collectively be sitting by the Bay watching the sunset and drinking ice-cold rose?

What is this insistence from modern society that we work work work? I am so baffled by it as I get older. Who was the stupid that built our entire world around a piece of green stupid paper??? I get that we need a raison d'etre, all of us. But why can't my raison d'etre be buying beautiful things for homes, cooking and eating and drinking, loving my man and my totally awesome dog and my friends and family, walking in the park, baking seriously good red velvet cakes, and in general loving the shit out of life? I am very very confused. Damn those men in suits. Damn them all.


It's the small things folks.

Tonight the sky is clear and crisp. I feel nostalgic for falls growing up on the East coast. I took my dog, who has been by my side for so many years now I can't remember being without him, on a walk in the park. I sat in my chair and looked out the window and felt so quiet and content. Peace. If this is the end of my story, I'm totally ok with it.

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