I can't help myself.

I just stumbled upon these and they are little beauties. Makes me think of Christmas at home.

images here and here


Blue light.

Because I miss seeing the night sky from my window.


Groundhog day.

I'm totally down in the dumps today. My life is starting to take on this insane resemblance to Groundhog Day, the shit feeling where nothing ever happens. You just keep waking up to the same thing over and over and over and you watch everyone all around you starting new things getting married having babies and you just keep waking up and waking up and waking up to the same exact day again and again and again. Ridic. My house is under siege as well, which probably is not helping matters. Scaffolding blocking all windows that let any light into this apartment, which is dark even when the boards and beams aren't there. Since we moved in here a little over a year ago they have renovated both the apartments above and below ours, and painted the entire exterior of the building. For not even owning this dump, I'm over it. Can you tell I'm in a horrible mood? If not, I can certainly keep going. I need to escape my life for a few hours. Maybe blogging will help.

Disclaimer: I am fully fully aware that I need to get Photoshop because my posts are ghetto. I'm working on it. I'm a little computer stupid. I'm working on that too.

I am completely smitten with this room. It is simple uncluttered clean. Only a few things in there, but they are all beautiful. Perfection.

First, the bed. I hope you people know how and where to buy a mattress. If not, stop reading this blog and go back to school.

The Heirloom Quilt by Matteo is similar to this:

I own this quilt and I love it. So soft.

The crochet throw is like this, but in cream:

You can try eBay for a vintage crochet bedspread. Or, I also like this option:

Temoayan blanket from L'Aviva Home

The Garrison Grey Pillow at Room and Board:

with the 24" option in grey from Canvas Home:

That gorgeous chair in the corner is the Hans Wegner PP-512 Folding Chair:
Some lighting options: on a sidenote, I have been trying to figure out who makes the actual lamp that is in the photo for YEARS. If you know what it is, tell me immediately. Even though I'm sure it at least one zillion dollars.

Grey cowhides can be found many many places online. Like here.

The side table and the lidded baskets in the corner are obvs vintage. I have sourced similar ones on eBay and at the fleas. You want to be looking for antique woven cane stools or chairs. Most won't come with painted black but that's what your own two hands are for.

*going to bury my head in The Hunger Games, to cure my melancholy*


Two worlds collided.

My lovely friend Blaire is into fashion, which I am also...but nothing like she is. I'm into design, which she is also...but nothing like I am.

In that spirit.

I was standing. You were there.

A little some of this:

via The Man Repeller

And some of this:

***I actually tried to find a room to go with this outfit for weeks. I hate red in interiors most of the most. I've been looking at ugly red nonsense all week and I'm over it. This glossy black corner of my own living room was a perfect match though.***


Inspiration: Per Mangus Persson

This Swede has a true eye for capturing a mood, and a calmness. These homes are obviously pretty dope on their own. But I think my house is pretty dope and it does not look like this when I take photos of it. You'll see.

I'm not saving the best for last on this one. Going with the best first. Life is short. Time is wasting. And I am obsessed with this shot. It is glorious. Top five bedrooms fo sho. Let's not f around. We'll do a room board on this one stat.

The artwork here is the highlight. Very American Horror Story {heart}.

So simple and so stunning. Nice use of texture.

Lavender strikes again. Plus, I think this is nicely styled. And I don't often think that.

The lady is irrelevant. The floors and the architecture, on the other hand, are very very relevant.

images via


It's beginning.

It's Saturday! Cockadoodledoo! I'm a bit under the weather, the usual first winter cold. Feel like I was coughed up and spit out. I have had the craziest of dreams the past two nights. I mean, like the kind where you wake up and can't get yourself back into your normal world. J with a speed addiction and the other J delivering her baby into her hands while talking to me standing up. Colds will give you the strangest dreams. I need a strong cup of coffee and a work out, both which will be had very very soon.

Forget all that and let's get to the important stuff. It is officially the Christmas season! Thanksgiving has passed, and while that holiday is all loveliness good food and friends (and it certainly does not deserve to overshadowed by big brother Christmas), the month following that holiday is my favorite month of year. So, yes boobers, despite being sick, I dragged J to get a tree yesterday and various assorted other obnoxious holiday decor (well, not really obnoxious. I'm a classy girl don't forget. I only buy the pretty things.). The house is juuuuust about finished and I will most certainly take photos so don't worry.

My blogging schedule has been a bit wonky lately with the visits and holidays, but I'm back on track and have a lot of work to do. Rather than apologize, I'll give you a little stunner to get you in the spirit. Holiday simplicity. So pretty.

Virginia MacDonald
via Desire to Inspire


Happy Thanksgiving.

We opted out of a big to-do this year and are happily curled up on the couch watching football and eating cheese. There are so many things to be grateful for this year I can't even begin to name them all. Content, mingling with many many moments of pure happiness. It sounds cheesy and cliche but I have to say...I am blessed. Despite the daily grievances and annoyances, life really is so good. Happy Thanksgiving loves!


Into the bloghole.

It's a cold blustery day before Thanksgiving and I'm about to curl up on the couch with the first of The Hunger Games. Pretty excited. Wouldn't mind if it was next to the aforeimaged fireplace. I spent the morning checking out the most blogtastic blogs I could find, and a few of my favorite websites too, and this is what I give you today. Muah muah.

{i reconnected with this recently, and am so happy i did}

{oh if i only had the $$$ and the space, i would snatch you up}

(new issue of Anthology is lovely}

{dying for some hot pink like me? try this, or this}

{thinking of asking for a few of these in my stocking. i really love them}

{i am craving this in a major way. tomorrow perhaps.}

{one of my absolute favorite Thanksgiving dishes}

{the purple couch in this sneak peek is amaaaazing}

{cute little holiday shop}

{a little glam in that second photo down}

{um, this is pretty much how it goes in my house}

{officially on my Christmas list}

Over and out, homies. Off to work before T-day. xoxo


Room Board.

The fact that I've been sitting here with a blank screen for awhile now leads me to believe that today is a day for visual imagery only. It's one of those days I feel like getting my hands into a project. Which, unfortunately, is not going to happen. No time. Because, my loves, while everyone else is running all around town bragging about 3 day work weeks (or 2!) I am in it to win it this week, working MORE than I normally do. And in case you couldn't catch my tone, I am extremely happy about this. Really. Overjoyed.

So, we'll work on a project of a different sort. I often see images and don't necessarily want the whole nine yards but want certain elements. This is where sourcing comes in, and sourcing is most definitely my favorite thing to do. I have total respect for, actually, ALL design stores, including the big box ones. If it's got what you want, great. But I find that the average person has NO IDEA about all of the coolness available out there. The thing I said about structure is going to carry through and we'll try a room themed sourcing post every Tuesday.

Today, let's do this little gemmer:

Maison au Prado Marseille
Maurice Padovani Architects
via Muuuz

You can find a sofa similar to this:

Grande Mare sofa

or, a more affordable option

Cirrus sofa
Room and Board

For a coffee table:

urbn 2.0 coffee table
ABC Home
Salvaged Wood Table
Hudson Goods
Industrial Maison Coffee Table

{you could also go to Google and search "salvaged wood coffee tables" or "reclaimed wood coffee tables" and find a huge amount of interesting ones on ebay}

Find a leather butterfly chair here:

Leather Butterfly Chair
Urban Outfitters

Leather Butterfly Chair
Circa 50
{you can get any color shape size you could ever think of}

You can find black Eames chairs at Design Within Reach:

Eames Molded Plastic Armchair

and you can also find that lovely globe there:

Table Globe in Black

Large black throw pillows:

Caravan Cotton 12x20 Throw Pillow
Pillow Decor
{very affordable}
{for a bit more}
Mohair Grey Pillows
Room and Board


Vintage Jielde lamps
Straser & Smith Inc.

Shade Light
Y Lighting

Rondo Ceiling Lamp

And for the statement piece:

Zettel'z 5 Chandelier
Y Lighting



uh. yeah. so this is awesome.

image from Handmade Home
via Remodelista



I got to sleep in my own bed last night! I got to sleep in my own bed last night! Ha, seriously, we had a great weekend with J's parents staying with us. It worked out rather nicely all being in one (very small) space.

The weekend included all sorts of lovely things. Irish coffees at The Buenavista, which yes, I know, is a cheesy tourist thing to do, but it's also really festive and delicious and, yes, we go there sometimes by ourselves, just because. Dinner and wine followed by sleep.

We woke up early to go shopping for dinner, got the chicken ready to brine and headed out early for a little wine tasting in the Russian River. It was seriously gorgeous up north. Gave me my little fall fix that I was so craving. The leaves on the vines were all red orange yellow, hillsides of color. The air was cold and crisp, blue blue sky and the drive was so pretty.

Martinelli, one of our favorite places to taste, was so rustic and perfect.

The shadows on the gravel and my new favorite flats.

Stopped in Healdsburg Square for lunch. All decorated for xmas and I couldn't resist taking this photo.

We headed home for card playing and cooking. Enjoyed a fab Thanksgiving mockup and listened to the rain coming down.

It's pretty telling, though, how we have just enough for the two of us. Living in small spaces really makes you edit edit edit which makes me struggle somewhat when we have guests. I would love to have all of the bells and whistles for entertaining but we just don't have the space to store everything. Or cook everything. I told J that after this weekend I decided that when we finally have a house, we will have two ovens, just because I feel so deprived with our apartment sized one. And 18 dishwashers. At least.


So, this happens.

I'm literally chugging a hot cup of coffee as we speak. This day is a bit much even for me, who is the queen of the overschedule. I had a post all lined up about sinks and dreamhouses and all that nonsense but I decided to sleep an extra 15 and now I'm stuck with a scalded mouth before I rush to work out before I work before I run to the airport to pick up the in-laws (they are not TECHNICALLY my in-laws, but we aren't really that technical around here) for a weekend of eating and drinking. Oy. So, this is all you get today. Which is totally and utterly reflective of how I feel this morning. The Poontz. POW.


Currently Coveting.

Charlotte Perriand Les Arcs Chair

Designed by French architect and designer, Charlotte Perriand, in the 1960s. As seen here in the Delfin + Postigo house by AKA Studio.

+++it's stackable+++

images via
trove modern
design addict

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