Fall back.

In honor of Daylight Savings and this particularly dark Monday morning (hello-I was wide awake at 7am), let's talk Fall/Christmas decor. Those who know me understand that this is one and the same thing. Because everything leading up to the cold winter is all about red and green. Not brown and orange, or black and orange if Halloween is your thing. Just the red and green. Which is why when I spotted this lovely fall design-

via 79 Ideas

-I immediately translated it into what I would do for Christmas. Totally going pinecone collecting in the park, getting some gold glitter at the store and buying another cloche (definitely need a base for this). It's going to be all gold glitter pinecones, small red matte ornaments, like this-

-and some cuts of this-

-all mixed together and flipped upside down in the cloche. Possibly going to add some of these, you know, for the full effect-

I'll post photos when the crafting is finished. Might be about a month in the making because even I don't start the decor until The Day After Thankgiving (aka Tree Shopping Day). But I think it is going to be fabulous and I can't wait!

I have no idea how I got this far off the intended path for the day (I was thinking about blogging something entirely different) but I'm going with it. Now the sun is coming out, it's probably going to be 80 degrees again today, and I'm all in a festive Christmas snowy mood. Oh well. Happy Halloween y'all!


At the disco.

Google is pretty amazing. I had this image in my head (and on my external hard drive, which, no, I still haven't transferred pics from...) of a disco ball in a fireplace. Wanted to blog it. Googled it. And here we are.

Yes, please. These top photos really reaffirm to me the fact that I need to repaint my living room. Something with not so much grey or blue. Yes, just so I can get a disco ball and put it in there. That's all.

Works particularly well in a rustic white room. Totally brings down the glam factor and looks unexpected.

so pretty and love how the disco ball is properly scaled
via This is Glamorous

definitely need some lavender in my house
via The Style Files
image by Petra Bindel

wait, is that a gold disco ball?
via French by Design
image Morten Holtum

such nice styling
via Lolita

a more masculine feel, still works for me
via amber interiors

my least favorite but still interesting
via Apartment Therapy

Now, off to watch some football and drink some margaritas. Have a fantastic Sunday loves!


Sofa love.

Let me start by saying...I love sofas. Well, I love furniture in general but I have a soft spot for seating of all varieties, and sofas in particular. I have been in the market for a new one for about a year now and think I have narrowed it down to a sectional, but I constantly find myself lusting after a leather Chesterfield or a fluffy two-seater with slim legs. When we move out of this one-bedroom joint I will most definitely be having sofas in multiple rooms, like one to curl up with a book on in the bedroom and one with two vintage chairs in the living room, and an over-sized sectional in the family room for watching reruns of Riggins, and, yes, a leather one for me and the Poontz. So, for the dreams of the future...inspiration from some of my favorite sofa producers.

Soho Tufted Sectional
Restoration Hardware

Alfred Sectional
Alchemy Collections

Abbott Sofa
Jayson Home and Garden

Tufty Time Sectional
B&B Italia

Beta Modular Sectional

Lean Sectional
Unica Home

Whitman Sofa
Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams

Tribeca Sofa
ABC Home

Snooze Sofa

Morgan Sofa
Jayson Home and Garden

Magnum Sofa

Crosby Sofa
Canvas Home

Divine Recline Sofa

Cobble Hill Tribeca Sofa
ABC Home

Chester XL Sofa
Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams

Chesterfield Sofa
Canvas Home

Thackery Chesterfield

Alison Sectional
Alchemy Collections


Design at Plow.

Welcome to Plow, a restaurant opened a few months back by husband and wife team Joel Bleskacek and Maxine Siu. The design is a collaboration between the owners and architect, Darren McMurtie. I frequent this diner style spot a few times a month, not only for the delicious food but the gorgeous surroundings.

the sign out front

pop-y citrine entrance

The space has a very rustic modern sensibility. All of the architectural details are intact which means that there is quite a bit of natural beauty in the space.

love these windows

The floors are douglas fir recovered from an old barn. They are laid at a diagonal, which I think really extends the space. The space is painted a taupe-y mushroom color that looks fantastic with all the light streaming in those windows.

The art is all by local artist Kelli Yon. They add a dose of color to an otherwise neutral space. The main focal point is the faded shot of the barn on the back wall but there are other little shots in various spots in the restaurant-colorful radishes in the restroom, red garden scissors on another wall.

art by Kelli Yon

The tables are crafted from old French wine barrels and are paired with lovely Tolix chairs.

The bar counter is also reclaimed and restained and topped with a 2-inch slab of marble. Slate from an old school classroom is used as the backsplash. Marais stools complement the look.

The use of space is so smart in Plow. From the built-ins used to contain and display glassware to the wood drawers underneath them, everything is well thought out. I like how the space next to the drawers is used as storage for extra chairs and the height of the drawer piece itself is just right to tuck in a highchair when it's not in use.

built-ins and drawer unit

It is clear that the designers thought of every last detail. The velvet curtain that is used to hide the door to the restroom, the ramekins, salt and pepper shakers, plates, glassware, everything looks intentional. Perfectionists unite!

photo creds: Peter Pelanger Dwell EaterSF


Designer Spotlight: Roman + Williams

I'm posting this mainly because the New Victorian design movement has been on my mind the past few months. I am drawn to the moodiness and the cultural weight of it, for sure. I like the emphasis on one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, flea market finds and texture. But lately I have been seeing it everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean, EVERYWHERE. It feels like every new bar, restaurant, shop, home is designed with at least some touch of this aesthetic. It no longer feels unique or interesting when done in these mass movement, "on trend" ways. I stand firm in my belief that design is at its best and most outstanding when you mix things up.

Roman + Williams have this genre down. They spearheaded it and they remain the absolute best at it. Really delving into images of their work has made me understand what it is that separates what they do from what everyone else is doing right now. The have the ability to mix vintage with modern, glam with grunge and rustic with clean. It never feels over the top or theme-driven. Props for the beauty and the creativity. Still love it.

via Remodelista

The Ace Hotel

nice sleeping nook for a cold day

keeping it simple and clean

The Breslin
*unexpected color*

mixing design classics

via greigedesign

nice Tom Dixon

The Royalton
*glamming it up a bit*

via habituallychic

from the company website:

"the result is an oeuvre of instant classics-projects that transcend architecture and interiors and rise to the level of cultural polemics. roman and williams work consistently cuts a channel between history and today, weight and light, and gravity and articulation, all the while tapping into some cultural collective memory"

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