Mumbo jumbo.

Good morning dolls. First things first.

First, I can barely contain my excitement about the new season of Bethenny starting in two weeks. I know a lot of people cannot stand her. I don't care. I am obsessed. She's said this will be her last season, understandably, being that she is now a multi-billionaire and no longer needs the cash money Bravo gives her for constant access to her life. It must be annoying having those cameras around all the time. Hard way to make a living. That being said, I think she is a brilliant businesswoman and a super hilarious lady. I can't wait.

Now, on to less important matters. I made the jump and purchased my soap dispensers (can you guys stand the excitement? I can't.). I also bought a marble tray for the back of my toilet. We'll see how it works out. I'm starting to think I'll move room by room in my ultimate quest for perfection. Bathroom first? How boring. But also the cheapest and easiest room to change. I'll keep you bitches updated on my progress. I know you are sitting on the edges of your seats...

Please forgive me as I am a bit distracted this morning. I'm getting ready to head out the door to workout, and then I promised myself I was going to stop by the hardware store to pick up paint:-( I'm ready. I'm going to try to find time later to post a fabulous space or so, but for now...I want these floors.

Thanks. Bye!


Saturday Stunner.

Sparkles and gold for you on this lovely Saturday.

-to say that I'm looking forward to relaxing this weekend is a dramatic understatement-


Oof + A living room before.

I felt like I was run over by an over-sized bowling ball by the time I got home from work last night. I could barely keep my eyes open past 8, and I'm still struggling now. I feel completely depleted and I'm hoping a little breakfast at Plow, and a very large very strong coffee will do the trick. In the meantime, I thought I'd share some before photos of my living room. It already looks different--no sofa. A lot of changes coming soon. I've taken everything off the walls and I'll be prepping for paint tomorrow. That chair is probs going to have to go, I don't think it'll fit, sad because it is the best reading chair on the block. Definitely on the hunt for new lighting too.

Here you go lil giraffes:

~the sofa is from Room and Board and is discontinued, pillows are assorted, rug is Ikea, and table is vintage midcentury from eBay (best find of the decade, I had to battle for it, b a t t l e!)~

~Tolomeo lamp also from eBay, African mask from my travels in The Gambia, print is Orbital by Olivia Jeffries~

~the cozy chair is from Jayson, pillow is Dwell Studio, lamp is West Elm, framed wallpaper from Nama Rococo -Random Geometry, that skateboard deck is sproutstudio via Etsy, and I love it~

~my favorite corner of the room. such a great reading perch.~

~replacing this cloche because I hate the knob at the top~

~little flea market finds that I rotate+a gorilla gifted from a friend. he's awesome. i like to flip the dice and see what number brings me the most luck...~

~jesu christo that TV! i know. it's huge. this is what happens when you live with a man who loves a big screen. all about the compromise. candlesticks are a mix from World Market and vintage estate finds, console is cb2, and the paintings are my creepy old folks found at an estate sale. i'm considering mounting some hot pink glasses on her for when this whole shebang is complete. she's a wee bit serious. the dog was found on the streets of New Orleans. he's a keeper for sure.~

~desk is obvs the Parsons from West Elm (who doesn't own one of these???), chair was a fabulous craigslist find, lamp via eBay, found the skull in New Orleans appropriately enough, mounted horns from Jayson, sea fan was bought at Scout in Oakland while waiting in line for Bakesale Betty's Fried Chicken Sandwich one Saturday, and the mirror I refinished from rusty pink to glossy black~

~realizing this is the only shot of my Noguchi lantern. spot it in the mirror?~

~candle and sticks are Votivo Smoke on the Water and Millefiori Figue, my favorite scents. I buy them in bulk.~

And that's it. I have had a lot of this stuff for years and, though I won't be getting rid of any of the accessories because they are all too dear to me, I will be updating the overall look a lot. It's been nice finally sharing a bit of my home with you. Feels very personal.


Dream House: Colored Cabinets.

I love a modern cabinet front, don't get me wrong. But I love the uniformly colored ones I have been spotting all over lately more. They seem a bit more doable for everyday life, not so cold. There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than a sterile stainless steel kitchen. So, for the dreamhouse, I'll take some of these.

I have also been spotting this trend with a bit more of a modern spin on it. I like them both but I really think the rustic take is spot on. I'll share some of my favorite modern looks later folks. They have an entirely different feel.

I've got some spackling to do in my living room before I head out for work. Have a happy hump day!

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I rarely do this but today I'm making an exception because I am so completely smitten with this home. It was featured on Design*Sponge yesterday and I gave you all a little peek of it. I went back to look at it again today and I just can't help myself. It is my ideal home. So I'm going to share it here too.

I sometimes get caught up in thinking I need more color in my house, or more pattern. This home reminds me that there is depth in the greys too, and serenity. I love that the pops of color come in the form of plant life (and that pink sofa too...). There really is the perfect mix here of rustic and modern. The lines are all so clean. It is sparse while also retaining a real sense of coziness. Minimalism at its utter best. So inspiring especially in the wake of my pending design update.

*graphic black and white warmed up with some well worn wood*

*this upstairs hallway is very Scandi, which is nice because it differentiates the areas in the house. plus I love those windows.*

*love the boldness of the pink sofa. this room feels a little more mid century to me. I like all of the organic elements mixed in. it isn't matchy-matchy at all and that makes me extremely happy.*

*perfect contrast with the pink. the greenery really makes it.*

*the bedrooms in this home shine. serene and simple. there is no pattern, just a lot of texture-such a perfect formula.*

*uh yeah. that's a hammock. chances are extremely high I'm going to copy this in my bedroom.*

*dark grout with white subway tiles is the only way to go*

*the fixtures here are incredible*

This place blew my mind.

all images via D*S
home of Jason Gnewikow+Jeff Madalena


On the hunt.

Always looking for plant containers (the lover has a serious green thumb and I am constantly inundated with new plants for the house).

Spotted on Design*Sponge, the home of Jason Gnewikow and Jeff Madalena:

That lovely ceramic (?) grey number with the fir branches. I have to have it. Any ideas what it is so I can get to work sourcing it???


The perfection.

I have always wanted to be one of those girls you see on the street who are just completely put together. Perfect outfit, perfect hair, the right accessories. You open their closet and they barely have any clothes but they all look amazing. Each and every piece they own is beautiful, well considered and edited to a tee. I am most definitely NOT that girl. But my home is pretty well edited and I have happily reached a stage of my life where I only buy things I truly love. It is kind of a pain in the ass actually. I go back and forth back and forth on everything I even consider buying. I think there is a lot of merit to loving the things around you.

That is my goal in the next year. I want to love everything I have in my home. This may sound easy but I'm talking deep here folks. Like down to loving my silverware, my napkins, my storage containers, products, pillows, rugs, lighting (I really want to love the lighting of my home, it is so important), hangers (a la this lovely little article), you get the picture...My notebooks. My pens. I want to get rid of all of the CRAP and replace it with lovely little items.

I can't decide if I should take on this project room by room, more expensive items and larger purchases first followed by smaller less expensive finishing touches. I know that first I'm going to paint. I hate the color of my house, I have hated it since we finished painting. It is too blue. I am craving white. Pure white. I'm going to blog this journey to perfection. I'll let you know when I am considering something, the choices I am agonizing over, what to keep and what to shed. This is going to be fun (and super expensive so be patient)...

The first item I bought for my overhaul was the new sectional. It was quite pricey so it might be awhile before I buy another large item.

The first few things I'm thinking of:

-soap dispensers (I know, very very exciting) for the kitchen and bathroom

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All from Restoration Hardware one, because I like the options better than any others I've seen and two, because they make quality, and I don't want a dispenser that's going to break or stop pumping in two months. These are all on sale at the moment, any opinions?

-a rug for the kitchen

All available from Jayson Home, all equally lovely. Some people don't like rugs in kitchens. I see your point. This would definitely be taken up during heavy cooking times. But I love the way it warms up the space and makes it feel more significant. More like a room and less like a space that is solely utilitarian.

- a vintage wire basket or a wicker basket for the top of the refrigerator to corral all of the food that I can't reach in my impossibly tall cabinets

1 2 3
There are tons of vintage wire baskets on eBay too. And I bet the flea market has a bunch next time I go.

Now I'm off to enjoy a peanut butter and pickle sandwich, my favorite, and cuddle up with my two boys for the rainy day. Happy Monday loves!



Good stuff this week y'all. Good stuff.
It's finally raining here in Northern Cali and I couldn't be happier.
This calls for long days hanging out and watching movies.
If only I didn't have to work.
The babes is taking the morning off of work and we are heading out in our rain boots to have a cozy breakfast at Zazie, one of our favorite neighborhood spots.

Cheerio loves!

{would you not kill for all of this? the lady's got great taste in lighting, absolutely}

{one of my biggest fears, aside from choking, which is far and away numero uno}

{and the original. this made me teary eyed. have you guys read The Year of Magical Thinking?}

{lovely musings on January}

{this shit is hilarious. #11 is one of my pet peeves.}

{so undeniably San Francisco}

{a good lesson on how to talk to little girls}

{One Kings Lane read my mind, shop it while the link lasts, there are some heavy hitters}

{i think the price per wear on this would make it totally justifiable}

{digging into the new Rue this afternoon. can't wait!}

{what it means to l o v e your team}

{for that first moment, with the Tolomeo}


Currently Coveting: Beni Ourain.

Beni Ourain Rugs

I heart these rugs.

They are perfect in almost any setting.

Made in Morocco.

available via
Tazi Designs
and a vast assortment of other sites on the worldwide web

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