The Always Gentleman 1/2


Ho hum.

Don't you just hate it when you buy a new brand of coffee and you're all looking forward to taking that first sip and then it just sucks and is all watery and unsatisfying? Good. Me too.  I'm glad we are starting Tuesday on the same foot, you and I.


Maybe not the same exact foot since I highly doubt you have an entire freshly painted house like I do. Lucky lucky me. 

I'm going to give out a little free advice this morning. If you are at all design-inclined (and if you are reading this blog, you most likely are) or care at all about the way your house looks and might possibly be the kind of person who changes their mind every once in awhile, listen up. Don't ever paint a room black dark grey purple navy any of it. Sure, it looks great. I really liked my grey bedroom. And then I didn't anymore. And then it took two coats of high grade primer, two coats of paint and one very lovely boyfriend to cover it up. I mean, if you're at all like me you will still insist on painting something in one of these saturated hues. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Now a pretty picture to brighten your day. I'll be back tomorrow with my more regular schedule. And, hopefully, a new blog design next week. 


Todd Oldham's home cinema
photo by Richard Powers


Yours truly, Mr. Manipulator.

This is what i came home to yesterday. 

 A door that is supposed to be closed. And a tv left on intentionally because {god forbid} he get bored while getting doggy dirtiness all over my CLEAN WHITE IRONED SHEETS BED. Whatajerk. I was informed that he looked "depressed" this morning. Riiiight.

Can't wait to see what this man lets our unborn children get away with...hmph.

PS: Please please disregard the horn assortment above the bed. It's coming down today. bleh.


Just click the "Purchase Now" button.

Happy weekend party people. I'm just hours away from freedom and I can taste it. Actually I can't. I can just taste my iced coffee. But you know what I mean. 

I'd like to take this morning to ask who among you has a few thousand laying around to buy me some rugs? And if you do, would you like to buy me one of these? 

You don't even need to tell me. You can just click the link and send it directly to my house. I can promise I will be the single most excited girl on the entire planet.

Now, let's take this next moment to give a huge shout out to West Elm for branching out from cookie cutter home decor to vintage shopping in Morocco. Um. Great work guys. Seriously. These rugs are dreamy

(This is normally the time on blogs where I say that West Elm is one of my sponsors just FYI. But who am I kidding. I don't have any sponsors!)

Hey! West Elm! I'm now accepting sponsors!

Here's the link you need to purchase any or all of these for me. Look how easy I've made that for you. You are welcome. And thank you!

Now go have a lovely lovely Saturday. 


For the day.

 "I believe in plenty of optimism and white paint."
-Elsie de Wolfe

Me too, sister. Me too.

*This post was written to get me motivated to finish painting my hallway tonight when I get home. Can you feel my excitement? Just bubbling over.*

not a clue
back from when I didn't source, just looked
if you've got them, share. 


A love story.

It is just beyond gorgeous outside today. 70 degrees and not one single cloud in the sky. Bare snow-white legs and arms everywhere you look. I had a post all about snowy cabins and isolation ready for today. Not going to happen. I know I promised grey and white today. Also not going to happen.

Today, today, my loves, is all about this little story I'm going to tell you. 

Pay attention. 

Little hints. 

The best comes to those who wait. 

 wait for it
 nice. but just a little bit longer til the good stuff.
 longing for my sofa

Oh, wait. Hello there.
 What is this I see?
 A neon green kitchen??? YES. Oh hell yes.

The End.

all images
Beauvoir House


Laissez le bon temps roulez!

It's Mardi Gras! If you have ever lived in New Orleans, or just been for the carnivale, you know that this is the most fun you could ever possibly have in your whole entire life. Not just the actual day of Mardi Gras but all of the days leading up to it that are packed with parades and beads and costumes. It  is such a happy time to be in the city. It is positively b u r s t i n g with joy. 

So in honor of the gold green and purple I thought I'd do a Mardi Gras inspired post. 

On a sidenote: I am in a horrible mood today. Just horrible. And then I had to go and write a post with all of this bright color in it (like YELLOW, waaayyy too cheery for this Cancer). Ugh. I'm sorry. It will never ever happen again. Tomorrow we will all happily be back to our greys and whites in honor of Ash Wednesday. I'm already in a better mood thinking about it.

On another sidenote (also known as PPS): I hired someone to design this little ditty. I'm pretty excited about that. 




I woke up this morning fresh from a dream that we had renovated our existing rental apartment kitchen. It had beautiful Carrera marble countertops and white subway tiles along the backsplash. It was heartbreaking. I need a house to get my hands into! I need windows that look out to the sky, and not to a stairwell!

In other news, here are some photos I thought you might enjoy. I did. 

Love mirrored exteriors that reflect greenery back onto the home. 

Remember this number?


 This one is my favorite:




On rituals and guilty pleasures.


 And more paint.

Y'all. My job is hard hard hard on my body. As I'm sure many of yours are. At the end of a long week (and this is most of them these days), I regularly treat myself to a manicure, and if needed, a pedicure. 

Disclosure: If I had the cash it would hands down be a masseuse as well. The spa is my danger zone. Once you've got me in there I will say yes to pretty much anything. Extra massage, gel nails, foot massage, head massage. Cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching. I love to be rubbed. Many friends will attest to the fact that if I ever become wealthy one of the first things I will do is hire a full-time masseuse.

It 's not about the money or, really, about the painted nails. It's about the ritual of treating myself once a week, at the end of the week. It starts my weekend on the right foot. Relaxed. It is my most indulgent guilty pleasure. I am fully addicted and well aware that I am just tossing cash out the window. But, trust me, it is worth every penny. I'm relaxed and fresh.

Ready for the next part of my Saturday ritual which is hopping on the 43 to meet my gentleman at work and head out for a date, the first REAL time we have had all week after being swallowed by the rat race.

Hope you lovelies have a weekend filled with spectacular occasions and fireworks. 



Webbed out.

Thought I'd do a little web love today as I'm rushing off to the paint store to buy, yes, more paint. I'm not q u i t e over it yet. But I'm real real close. The living room and bathroom are finito. They look so fresh and WHITE. Exactly what I wanted. That leaves the kitchen to finish priming and painting, the hallway and the bedroom (which is currently charcoal grey. yeah. that should be fun.). My house is in shambles.

So, let's get to it.

{why you should have insurance, why it sucks, and why you should support this woman}

{give yourself a good laugh for the day}

{a thoughtful reminder}

{IKEA lovers rejoice! i'm hoping their kitchen towels are available. we go through them like crazy.}

{bad ass home tour. over the top and spot on.}

{totally obsessed with this photo blog}

{if you want the best salad the world has to offer and you are lucky enough to live in the Bay Area, this is your joint}

{i want this jacket so bad it aches. in all colors.} 

{and these shoes}

{and someone to come finish painting my house for free}

oh wait. that last one doesn't have a link. make it happen folks. it can't just hang out there all lonesome and linkless. heck. if you come i'll make the link for you. what a deal. 

And your pretty for the day:
 (Miss Rachel Roy's house was featured in InStyle this month and I loved it but I can't find any more than this one itty bitty shmaltzy photo on the entire interweb. Thus, I cannot blog it. I leave you with said photo.)


Fresh air.

The sun has been shining bright in the city this week. The light is beautiful and it makes you just want to get outside and soak up the sunshine. City living doesn't allow for a lot of private outdoor space, and small windows that look into shared stairwells don't allow for lying naked in sunspots (unless, of course, you are Ponyboy and then you can lie naked anywhere you want). These photos via Desire to Inspire could make me actually feel the breeze coming in through those windows. The freedom of walking from the inside to the outside as you please. All warm breezes and afternoon siestas. If you're lucky, sand coming off of your feet and all over the sheets. Cooking meals in the twilight and having a glass of wine on the porch. Oh. It sounds so lovely.

Ahem. This girl needs a vacation. Bad.

Fresh air, yes please.

I will have you guys know that I just figured out how to make my photos larger! This is a huge feat for me and I am acknowledging that, in hindsight, I appear to be a complete idiot because it is really really easy. Baby steps. Don't judge. I kinda want to go back and edit all of my posts. Eh. Too obsessive compulsive?

Postscript: with larger photos comes the need for more width in my columns. It is never as easy as you think...I've contacted the pros because I am NOWAY messing with HTML. NO. WAY. 

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