Saturday Stunner.

Can you say obsession?

  I'm available for immediate move-in.
Can you imagine watching a thunderstorm in here? 

JVA Architects



Been fighting a sore throat and cold all week and today it looks like it might have won. I dragged myself out of bed to workout at 8, and now I'm back in bed with a coffee and a dog. Completely wiped out. I had all sorts of hours planned today to work on Photoshop and updates to the blog but, my friends, that is simply not going to happen. 

This is what IS going to happen:

And some of this:

Possibly also some of this:

Don't judge me, I told you I don't feel good.

Over and out kiddos. 
Until tomorrow.


Not the time computer!

This is not the time for you to die, my friend. We've spent 7 long, arduous but very pleasant years together. I know you're dirty and old. But I still got love for you Macbook. Don't go just yet. Not during tax season and certainly not when I'm trying to launch a website. Please.

In other news, One Kings Lane has just launched Vintage & Market Finds on their totally spot-on website. I usually love their Tastemaker Tag Sales but this is an excellent way to sort through some great vintage finds. Some things I'm eyeing today:

French Double Cane Settee
*for an entry, or in a bedroom*

French Style Pink Chaise
*keep it in this pink for a little girls room, or change the fabric to something rad from Madeline Weinrib, like one of these:


Lucite End Tables
*anywhere and everywhere, such a great price*

Martinique Floor Cushions
*inspired by the scheme here:*


 Tolomeo Off-Center Ceiling Fixture
*always a classic*

Turkish Kilim Carpet
 *really like the hint of light pink with the cream and brown*

 Vintage Moroccan Rug
*perfectly worn*
Vintage Wood Crate Coffee Table
*very very interesting in an odd way, think it's got loads of potential*


Currently Coveting: Papa Bear.

I've been thinking about a comfy chair for our bedroom. Well, specifically, I've been thinking about this chair for our bedroom. For years. And, unless I win the 500$ million lottery, I will continue thinking about this chair for many many moons to come. 

Papa Bear Chair
Hans Wegner

Isn't it perfection? Can you imagine a better place to curl up and read with your dog? 
Here's the deal. If you want one from an authorized dealer, expect a price tag upwards of 20,000$. Not for the faint of heart my friends. 

Reproductions from a quality shop are not bad. The main difference I seem to spot in most is the arms. They seem a bit clunkier than the beautifully crafted originals. But this one by Modernica is nothing to turn your nose up at, unless you are diehard for originals (*which I completely understand and respect, but most people will never be able to afford a TWENTYTHOUSANDDOLLARCHAIR in their lifetime*). If you like it solely for the way it looks, this chair comes in at around 3,500$, that's with the ottoman, which is still pricey but in a totally different ballpark.


Tickled pink.

Spending my Tuesday morning babysitting for one very cute little bebe (who has no, not any, desire to sleep and lots of desire to have me not blog) and looking at the internet. I, of course, have sofas on the brain, so could not help but daydream as I peruse. 

How about some pink love? I don't know if I'd be bold or brave enough to do this in my current apartment (um, I also seriously doubt J would let me...) but it's on my list for future projects, absolutely.

What do you guys think? 
Would you do it? 

*personal fave. love it.*

 via Archzine

 via Bozaround


 via Lonny

 Living Etc. 

And two of my top picks: 



Oh wow. This kitchen is perfect. Simple clean neutral. Gorgeous. 

*But, seriously? What the heck are you going to do with all of those pepper grinders? That is an individual pepper grinder for every person.*

Enjoying a weekend with almost no plans aside from cooking and hanging out at the abode. Starting to really really feel the effects of no sofa and hoping with all of my heart that it comes in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I'll be watching Bethenny tonight from the comfort of my chair.

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Saturday musings.

This, this my friends, is how you lose the battle of the bulge. 


 But, today, today I won. 

Off to get my booty worked before I head in for my last work day of the week. 
And this is where I'll be circa 5pm.

Have a lazy Saturday loves!

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Bling bling.

Wow. Want this for my front hall so bad. 


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