Eye candy.

Photo heavy post incoming! I can't help myself. I told you lovely little chickens that I would give you another glimpse of this very talented lady. Here it is.

"A big part of the way I design is finding a balance of one thing against something else. What I often find myself doing with clients, if they have an idea for something wild, I try to put it in the context of something quiet. To me, a minimalist and quiet palate showcases things beautifully. I guess because I work on homes, and homes have to last, I don’t want the home to be bigger than the people who live in it. I want the joy and the life to come from them."

Boy oh boy. Does she have some taste. I think she is very very well-edited and extremely good at letting each piece of architecture or furniture speak for itself. Minimal accessories, white paint, muted colors. This is the kind of work I like to look at when I'm feeling tempted to go overboard with colors, art or accessories. A great lesson in restraint. I'd work for FREE for her.  
Elizabeth? Are you listening? FOR FREE!


 Feels very Jenna Lyons.

 That staircase is perfection. 
As is the fireplace.

  Entryway love. I can already imagine it decorated for Christmas.

 The clean and bare works for me. No distractions. Just really nice architecture and furniture.

 A bathroom large enough for a chair and a standing lamp...the stuff of dreams, I tell you. 

 Everything is scaled just right. 

 This space totally does it for me. The white walls allow for a little bit of playfulness elsewhere.
And we all know how I feel about colored cabinets

 And staircases. More than one.

 Simple with a very concise point of view.

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