Move me to Marfa.

Whew. What a weekend. It is always so nice to have parents in town but it is also a bit of work, and I am extremely grateful to have today off to get the house back in order and cross a few things off of my to do list before the work week starts. We slept on the couch all weekend and, I must say, it is every bit as comfortable as our king size bed. 

We had some excellent meals this weekend but, in particular, brunch at Park Tavern was completely delicious and Justin and I fast decided that it would be our new Sunday spot. Do y'all remember when I blogged about it here? The food is killer but the ambiance is perfection. J took note that if we came around 1 we could sit outside and get sun which, trust, this pasty white skin needs. Done and done. 

I haven't even turned my computer on since Friday. Shocking for me. So, I'm going to take the morning to catch myself back up on the world and I'm also going to turn on my new Macbook (dudes-it arrived last week and I still haven't even opened it!) and play around. But first...let's visit Ms. Barbara Hill for a bit at her home in Marfa, TX. 

Absolute dream house for me. 


A little sneak peek.

Happy almost weekend meepers! Justin's parents arrive this afternoon and I can't hardly wait to be sitting with oysters and bubbles at 3PM on this fine sunny day. Thought I'd share some sofa photos. Beware, I am not a good photographer. Hope you enjoy it as much as I am. Seriously, all I want to be doing is lounging at home, candles lit, catching up on my latest DVR-ed shows. This has yet to happen due to circumstances outside of my control. But isn't this couch just begging for it? I know. Still things to change eventually. I want a gold or brass vintage lamp to replace that old one in the corner. And some more throw pillows for shizzle. For now though, it is quite enough to keep me very happy. Definitely worth the wait...

S'up Biggie?



DIY it.

Let me start by saying, I'm in a mad rush this morning. 

And next I'd like to say that I'm not a big DIY-er. As resourceful as I think I am, most times I'd rather just go buy something that's already completed than make it from scratch. I know...boring. And so unfashionable to say in these very DIY times. But, it's the honest truth. So, there you have it.

However, for those of you out there who are into doing it yourself, I present you with one very good idea. Headboards are a large and relatively expensive purchase. It's often hard to decide on something upholstered, modern, spindly, wood, you get my gist. I think this is a very comfy solution, and also very stylish. You know, for you people who sew.


Your kitchen needs love too.

I've been seeing this around and really, really love the look. Art in kitchens. I am particularly fond of the more rustic options but a nice bright piece of modern art never hurt anybody either. Most times people don't even consider that their kitchen is also a place that needs some decorating love. Especially in rental apartments, the effort can really make a difference. Just a simple painting propped up on a counter does wonders. Totally going on my list of things to keep an eye out for. 

 Ted Muehling via Automatism

 House Beautiful via Loft&Cottage

Ellen Pompeo's kitchen via Elle Decor

*I want to make a lil disclaimer here. When I'm talking about art in a kitchen, I'm talking about art. Not some EAT sign, or DO THE DISHES hand towel. That is an entirely different animal and will not be discussed any further on this blog. Just don't do it. That's all.*

In personal news, I'm staring into a very very busy week ahead so please forgive if posting is light, or short. The in-laws are coming into town Friday so I'll be preoccupied with laundry and getting the house ready between work working out babysitting walking the dog and trying to get some sleep.  



Oh, how I love love love Monday mornings. Finally able to settle into relaxation. Laying in bed reading blogs and drinking coffee. Knowing that I don't have to do one single thing all day. So nice.

We spent the last few days hanging art, cleaning and getting our home set back up. Let me tell you, it is so amazing to have a home again! We are both obsessed with the sofa. It is deep and plush and so comfortable. And huge. I was so unsure about that rug I bought for the room. Afraid it would look cheap, or too West Elm-y (you know what I'm talking about...). But I rolled it out and it is perfection. I couldn't imagine a more perfect match for the space. Our house definitely feels more grown-up, if you will, which is exactly what I wanted.

I'm so happy with the way it turned out. I'll be sharing photos this week after all of the leftover furniture gets moved down to the garage. I had fun doing all of this but I'm pretty happy to be able to get back into my routine and have more time to devote to helping OTHER people with their homes. I'm currently in the middle of a few projects and I'm now feeling very excited to delve deeper into them. Plus, my new computer comes today so it'll fun to play around on it!

Hope you all have a great start to your work week. Having friends over for tacos tonight, a little Bethenny and wine. Be back tomorrow with some pretty pictures but for today, only words.


What what.

May this Saturday bring you a few extra hours of sleep.

 And some serious time laying in the sun drinking boatloads of rose.
Over and out. 


Big grey monster.

It's in!

After a failed attempt to come through the front door yesterday, my faithful movers came back today to haul it up and over the back balcony and in the back door. We made it by one inch. And saved me from an imminent heart attack. 

It's still a disaster in two pieces but my the end of this weekend, this room will be looking swell. 

I'm going to have a wee lunch and enjoy this glorious day. 

FYI: For all of you Bay Area peeps, G&C Transport is the absolute best delivery service I have worked with. Professional, affordable, timely and extremely hard-working. They are the best! Use them.


On doing what you love.

Today, I want to talk about something that has been on mind, well, probably for the better part of my adult life. My dear friend wrote a blog post concerning the subject a few days back. You can reference it here. She talked some about how she hated the direction the yoga industry is heading dot dot dot consumerism commercialism self promotion dot dot dot. But she also talked a lot (or I read into a lot) about the notion of doing your passion for a living, what that entails and how it can suck the very life out of what you love.

Interior design is, without a doubt, that thing that I love. My raison d'etre if you will (have y'all read this book? If not, go do it now.). It is what fuels my fire. It is why I started this blog and why I continue to post. Thus, it seems like a direct correlation to try to make it my job. After all, who doesn't want to love their job in the way that you love your passion? I've spent countless hours, days, years pondering how to make this happen without going back to school and spending far too much money for another degree. I have finally hit upon what I want to do with it and that is the direction I'm heading now but I have realized something in the process. In the midst of all of the "work" I have become slightly less inclined to pick up the new issue of Living Etc. or Elle Decor. My stack of magazines to catch up on has grown. I used to relish the thought of something new to flip through and enjoy. Now, I view it as work of sorts and it doesn't hold the same pleasure it used to.

We are constantly bombarded by all of these "Live the life you are meant to"/"Let your dreams become your reality" notions. And for high strung worrisome people (like myself), the pressure that puts on your passions is incredible. The push to make money isn't enough. You have to LOVE the way you make it. Fuck. It is exhausting, isn't it?

So, in the practice of living in the moment, just do what you love because you love it. Don't let there be any thought of it leading to something else or somewhere else, another outcome, another life.

I'm going to go lay in the sun with my new Dwell and my dog, and patiently wait for my sofa to arrive. Hope you all have a lovely day.

And just for fun...

A wee bit of sparkle. 


It's gonna be a good day.

I'm going to go ahead and declare it officially summer in SF. Not only is the sun shining bright in an enormous cloudless fogless sky, birds chirping, moods lifted, but I managed to hit construction on three streets on my way home from running errands this morning (three!). Always the first sign of summer in this city. Always. 

But honestly, today, who cares? It is gorgeous out there. So gorgeous that I'm going to give myself a break. A break from stress, worry, the future, the past, all of it, and just enjoy the day. Today I am lucky enough to have a job that does more than just pay my bills, a roof over my head (with some mighty nice stuff in it), friends that I love, a boyfriend I adore, and a blog that now more than nine people look at on a daily basis. 

Today, that is ENOUGH

Don't worry, I won't leave you without a little design porn. 


Two different homes. Very similar styles. Very nice. 
*That lighting fixture in the top photo...pitter patter.*

And OH MY GOODNESS. Breaking news...breaking news...HD Buttercup just called and my sofa is in the city limits. Sweet baby jesus. Amen.

Now. Everybody, all of you, friends loved ones near and far, everyone cross your fingers that it fits through our door. 

Yes, I mean YOU. 

photos via
Roger Davies found on Desire to Inspire
Tom Delavan's home featured on Gilt Home via Martha Stewart


Be still my beating heart.

Jason Wu for Canvas. 

Zipped up masculinity with very feminine lines.
Plus, those lace pillows are awfully pretty.

Two already completely perfect entities collaborating to make even more beauty? 

Yes. Please.


Top to bottom.

I found this photo last week and it hasn't left my mind since. The patina in this is just so lovely, and can you imagine how pretty it must be at night with lamps lit and candles glowing?

Between this image and the March issue of House Beautiful, which is full of green everything, I'm seeing different shades of green in a new light. I'm especially loving the head-to-toe ensembles seen here. Such a statement.

 Miles Redd via

Meg Braff via 

 To be honest, I'm not normally huge on tons of color. I'm trying to get better with that. I think with a monochromatic look like these, the mood almost becomes neutral. And I totally love it. 

Would you do green walls in your house? 



Monday morning. And I'm the proud owner of a new Macbook. Well, soon. As soon as it arrives. And, don't fret, it will definitely be here before the sofa. Just like everything else in the whole entire world. 

I know most of you are heading out for your first day of work but I'm also the proud owner of Mondays off, so I will be starting this sunny day with coffee and a walk with P and J to the Dahlia Garden in the park. Heading to the Giants game later tonight and, hopefully, some fun in the interim. 

And just because sometimes, in the mundane moments that end up making up the majority of life, I forget...

Here's to hoping today is full of divine things. 

Star Handing out Stars


Saturday Stunner.

Serenity now.

This week has been b a n a n a s. Seriously. I am wiped out. One more day of work then there will be A LOT of relaxing this weekend. Until then, thank sweet baby jesus for coffee. Amen. 
Have a happy happy Saturday.




*that green chair takes the cake*

via Petra Bindel


Vintage finds.


I mean, just because the first one is outrageously expensive it makes the second one seem like el-cheapo.


Artist spotlight: Caroline Wright.

Happy Thursday party people.
I've been really busy trying to put together things for clients and I really feel I need to take the majority of this rainy day to re-inspire myself. I know that when I wake up and think "What am I going to blog today?" it's time to curl up with some magazines, blogs, whatever and just soak it all in.  

Before I go...


Is life fair?

Just in case you were wondering. 
These photos confirm what I've thought all along. It's not.




Life. And some Photoshop.

Spent a much needed weekend {mostly} at home. We curled up on the cot-couch and watched almost the entire first season of The Killing. If you haven't watched it, goodbye, I'll see you back here after 13 episodes. Addictive. Plus, it's filmed in Seattle, my second home sweet home. It's always more fun to watch things that are filmed in places you've lived, or currently live, isn't it?

I'm starting two new projects this week, which means I'm currently working on three. Four if you count my own house. I'm doing one project for trade and the trade happens to be massage. I'm obsessed with massages so I literally can't wait for tomorrow. I'm working on my Photoshop skills so today I thought I'd share a mood board or two for my own living room. A lot of it is up in the air depending upon the placement of the sofa. Not sure which way we are positioning it yet so that's a huge factor in lighting and end tables. Hopefully, we will find out soon. And I'm planning a post on the challenges of decorating around your already existing pieces. Because it just is not practical (or that interesting) to buy all new all the time.

Is anyone else completely boggled by Photoshop? I mean, talk about another language. 

 Please bear with me as I learn. In the process of making these two completely simple boards I missed my workout and still haven't had one morsel to eat. 

As with all things, slowly.


All of the possibilities.

I can't possibly begin to explain how much I've learned about decorating, myself and what I want and need in my home during this whole process. As someone who looks at blogs, magazines, photos, furniture you name it on a daily basis it can become a bit muddled up there. I definitely have my own style but, with so many attractive images staring you point blank in the face everyday, it is difficult to stick to one agenda and not go off course. I have traditionally been drawn to cool colors-whites, grays, light pinks, black. I hate clutter and unnecessary decoration. But I'm learning the importance of layering, creating a space that still feels warm and homey even if there isn't a ton of stuff or color in it.

I'm sometimes attracted to super funky interiors. I want to branch out and use hot pink and lucite and weird accessories. 

 Claudia's house

 Bella Goldman's apartment
via HomeEdit

I don't know but it's awesome
via Domus

 I like this look because it screams YOUNG and ARTSY. It's creative, there are great collections, pattern and these people are so not scared of pops of color.

Then sometimes I want something super clean and simple.

All of these photos are from my old life, before I blogged, so I don't have sources-if you know, share please!
 Unfussy. Barely any accessories. So well edited. Total and complete restraint. But, also a little chilly, if you will. Not quite homey enough for me. Not quite funky enough. But they are damn pretty.

Despite my appreciation for bright neon doses and my desire to use bright colors, I'm pretty positive that for my own space I seek out softer tones. 

Homes of Ochre's owners, Andrew Corrie and Harriet Maxwell Macdonald

This strikes me as somewhere in the middle. Color, but in pastels. Accessories, but limited and all restrained. Cozy, but still creative and artsy.

The options are endless and all so appealing. Oh, there will never be enough dolla bills in the world.

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