As I've mentioned before, I am so ecstatic to finally be getting my little ditty designed. Like it-feels-like-Christmas-Eve ecstatic. I am always interested in other people's design processes and I totally dig my blog designers process. I thought I'd share some images I pulled for inspiration. 

It will be amazing to see this come to life (fingers crossed y'all. fingers crossed.).

 not a clue of the source but L O V E


Work it.

We are in the process of redesigning our work office and the process has given me some serious workspace envy. I cannot wait until we have enough space for me to have a proper office. Some inspiration from my top five offices as of late: 

 *co-working heaven*



I woke up this morning to my normal Monday routine-made coffee, turned on the computer and started perusing blogs and Facebook. A friend of mine recently moved back to Louisiana and she had posted some photos of her family on a boat, cruising through the Bayou in the morning light. No amazing photos or anything. Just that light. The morning light in the summer in the deep South. 

I could see it, and I could feel the heavy air on my skin, across all the miles, sitting in my bed in San Francisco, one million miles, and a whole world away. I was transported back to summers with my family in Pensacola. Waking up early with my dad to catch crabs on the beach. Early summer mornings in New Orleans, years and years ago, unable to sleep because of the heat. It is so hard to describe if you haven't ever felt a summer morning in the South. It is so quiet, like the air is too thick for the noise to travel through. Like everything is too thick to move. I was hit by a ton a bricks looking at that photo of a distant friend boating through the Bayou. Hit by the same ton yesterday, grabbing a quick snack at The Boxing Room. The restaurant smelled like all restaurants in the South do, something I cannot possibly describe with words. 

Hit by bricks. 

I know this is where my life is now, for now. But I have never felt this deep seated yearning for San Francisco, never. When I'm away I definitely miss it, but I miss the food and my house, not the air or the light. I miss friends and good cocktails, not the smells and the sounds. And, like everything in life, I know that living there now, in the South, would not contain what my memories contain. That so rarely happens. But I still miss it like absolute crazy and, today, definitely today, I would give almost anything just to be out on a boat, cruising along the Bayou in the morning light.



Weekends by Ponyboy.

Hey guys, is it the weekend now?! 

 I love the weekend! It's the best time ever. 

I get to play with all of my toys and balls.

 Sleep in sun spots all over the house (including the bedroom, which is normally closed during the week).

 Mom and dad cook delicious food and I get to help. 

 We watch baseball.

And play board games together.

 I get to help with the laundry.  

And make the bed with the clean sheets. 

 We all go to Dynamo and I get TWO doggie donuts.

I get baths, which I love. 

 And we do lots of sleeping, snoozing, napping.

Weekends are swell.
Unfortunately, we have plans today. Otherwise I'm pretty sure I would stay in bed all day and eat burritos with Pony.


Saturday Stunner.

Dang, it's been awhile since we did one of these huh? I'm working this morning so thought I'd do my usual. Had a great day yesterday. Went to see the San Francisco Decorators Showcase over in Pacific Heights (seriously, where else would this house be?). There were a few rooms I really liked but found that, overall, I was in love more with some of the objects used than with the finished product of the actual room. Then off to a wine soaked lunch at Blue Barn. Fun Friday for sure. Below are some of my "stunners" from the Showcase (where you are so not allowed to take photos but rules are so meant to be broken).

 *Bathroom as gallery by Ma(i)sonry in Napa. Love them.*



Aloha. I'm coming to you from the land of cra-crazy. I spent the entire day today on InDesign and, oh, the joys that are bestowed upon you from doing that are many and plenty. Spinning head, shaking hands, dilated pupes, knotted bun sitting all askew atop my swollen brain, shoulders crunched right under my ears.

This girl: 

Needs a large glass of wine thankyouverymuch. 

(gross. how ugly is that photo and can you believe i actually just posted it? no shame here, obvs.)

Now, to distract, just a few more things before I leave. I have become rather smitten with this idea, of glass doors inside: 



I'm in the heart of my week and I must say it is amazing to be home by 6:30 and have the day behind me and a relaxing night at home ahead. Love. Been looking at interior porn all day so let's shift it up a bit to fashion porn. 

*How gorgeous are all of these photos? Right?!*

1 / 2 / 3


The beauty.

Sometimes it's all in the small details.



Ohmygoodnessohmygoodness. I am brimming over with excitement right now. I just put down my deposit for my blog designer and I can't wait to start the design process and to finally have my blog look in real life like it looks in my mind. I am working with Eva Black Design. I love her use of muted colors. I worked with someone a few months back who really just did not get me, and it ended up not working out. So my fingers are crossed for this one. I have a good feeling...

Spending this Saturday propped up on the couch, not feeling the best. I'm going to tackle my stack of design magazines that I somehow can never manage to get through. To be honest, I think the last two weeks have drained me and left me feeling very disoriented. I am, if anything, a creature of habit. I like patterns and plans and schedules. And while I am overjoyed that I got a new job, I am feeling extremely unlike myself. Like I don't know where to put my feet, or my hands. Weird space.

So, the rest of the weekend I'm going to try to get my head {back} on straight. 

I hope you all have sunny weekends filled with fresh air. And lots of wide open space.


Finally. A real blog post.

Oooof. That was a doozy. 

This blog is a place for many things about my life. Work isn't one of them. But I will say that this week beat the ever loving shit out of me, mentally. I was told when I took the job that the learning curve was massive, like six-months-at-least massive. This was not an exaggeration. Makes me realize how long it's been since I've had to actually learn something new. Not just a new job. A new trade, a new business. I feel like a kindergartener. But I also feel pretty lucky to have the chance to feel like that again. And that's all we'll say about that.

Today I am off. I'm gonna go have breakfast with two of my favorite folks on the planet, Jill and Wyatt. I'm gonna watch the newest Grey's (don't laugh at me). I'm gonna clean my house. And I'm gonna have a date with my man tonight.

I am also gonna give you lovely people something to look at today because my posts have been lame to say the least and I appreciate beyond measure that some of you have still bothered to stop by. I have three tidbits from around the web to share. Really good ones. Ones that made me drool. 

Are you ready?

First. A feature from Remodelista that I totally fell for. As I've said before, I miss the East Coast like nobody's business. This rustic cabin in Maine screams NEW ENGLAND. I am in love.

 *Could you imagine a more perfect place to curl up with a book and glass of wine?*
 *Totally imagining opening that window in the summer and listening to the crickets at night, and cracking it in the winter to clear the steam from the oven.*

 *I certainly love my TV but there most definitely is not a TV here, thank goodness.*

 *I have to have this one day. Or at least rent something like this out for a week. 

Not bad for the first. On to the next:



Busy week again. Things slow down next week as my schedule becomes more normal but this week is all holding on and going with it. And lots of work dreams. 

Some candy to get us all through today.

Love this photo. Little different than my normal style. Very Commune, which is always perfect. Textures and pattern play nicely together. It has to be Commune (anyone?).

Roger Davies via Desire to Inspire


Color block.

Anyone else need a little pick me up this morning? 

How about a shot of color to start the week:

Loving hot pink. It just looks so perfect with all of the wood white and grey that I'm so partial to. No color compares, really. 

Had a massage yesterday and had so much inspiration come to me during it. Funny how now, after I'm home and actually able to write the thoughts down, I can't remember any of it. I'm almost positive that one of those fleeting thoughts was my million dollar idea. Gonzo. Massaged right out through my toes.

***I can tell I've been watching too much Downton Abbey. In my mind, I ended each of the above sentences with a British accent. I just wrote that last sentence in a British accent too. Just FYI: it all sounds better with an accent.***



Um. Yeah. So, I need this. Now.

So unlike me. All of that pattern. And...there's YELLOW! Trust me when I tell you this: There is no yellow anywhere in our house. None. Anywhere. But it sure would be perfection in our bedroom. 
Psst. My birthday is coming right up guys. And PS-my bed is a king, just so you know.

How was everyone's Mothers Day? I spent mine on the couch watching Downton Abbey, my latest obsession. It is seriously addictive. I also went shopping for a wee bit for some new clothes and cleaned out my closet (whoa. some of the stuff in there was totally and completely unacceptable. probably time to get rid of it if you haven't worn it in over 7 years.). Spending today getting ready for the work week, doing some laundry and getting a massage. Toot-a-loo lovers.

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