Finally. A real blog post.

Oooof. That was a doozy. 

This blog is a place for many things about my life. Work isn't one of them. But I will say that this week beat the ever loving shit out of me, mentally. I was told when I took the job that the learning curve was massive, like six-months-at-least massive. This was not an exaggeration. Makes me realize how long it's been since I've had to actually learn something new. Not just a new job. A new trade, a new business. I feel like a kindergartener. But I also feel pretty lucky to have the chance to feel like that again. And that's all we'll say about that.

Today I am off. I'm gonna go have breakfast with two of my favorite folks on the planet, Jill and Wyatt. I'm gonna watch the newest Grey's (don't laugh at me). I'm gonna clean my house. And I'm gonna have a date with my man tonight.

I am also gonna give you lovely people something to look at today because my posts have been lame to say the least and I appreciate beyond measure that some of you have still bothered to stop by. I have three tidbits from around the web to share. Really good ones. Ones that made me drool. 

Are you ready?

First. A feature from Remodelista that I totally fell for. As I've said before, I miss the East Coast like nobody's business. This rustic cabin in Maine screams NEW ENGLAND. I am in love.

 *Could you imagine a more perfect place to curl up with a book and glass of wine?*
 *Totally imagining opening that window in the summer and listening to the crickets at night, and cracking it in the winter to clear the steam from the oven.*

 *I certainly love my TV but there most definitely is not a TV here, thank goodness.*

 *I have to have this one day. Or at least rent something like this out for a week. 

Not bad for the first. On to the next:

This one is also from Remodelista, is just two quick shots, and is ALL about the lighting (we know how I feel about lighting). 

 *This, my friends, is Christmas lighting. The soft glow against all of that darkness. It is cozy beyond belief. The second actually made me excited about a holiday that is over 6 months away. I don't know why. This is why lighting rocks. All about the mood it creates.*

And numero three of the beauty today. From Design*Sponge, the amazing Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. I love the quote from their website:

"Wythe has rooms for artists, friends, brewmasters, musicians, concertgoers, mothers, brothers, grandmothers, bowlers, interns, twins, engineers, vignerons, and chefs."

What they really mean is:

"Wythe has rooms for HIPSTERS!" 

It is seriously pretty:

*oh boy. That wallpaper. Those endtables in minty green. That little smack of gold under the lamp shade.*
 *Exposed wood ceiling+me=true love foreva.*
 *This mirror slays me. Obsession.*

Now, I'm off to enjoy the sun. Happy Friday ladies and lads. Go love your life. 



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