Aloha. I'm coming to you from the land of cra-crazy. I spent the entire day today on InDesign and, oh, the joys that are bestowed upon you from doing that are many and plenty. Spinning head, shaking hands, dilated pupes, knotted bun sitting all askew atop my swollen brain, shoulders crunched right under my ears.

This girl: 

Needs a large glass of wine thankyouverymuch. 

(gross. how ugly is that photo and can you believe i actually just posted it? no shame here, obvs.)

Now, to distract, just a few more things before I leave. I have become rather smitten with this idea, of glass doors inside: 

A little room inside a room, if you will. 
*that was totally written in my British accent*

 Love it. Perfect way to separate space when you don't have much of it. And that's all I've got today. 

My tank is empty. 


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