I'm back!

This has been one of the longest, most stressful weeks I can remember. I am pretty obsessed with my new job, although I'm also pretty sure that I felt clueless and asked dumb questions at least 75% of the time I was there this week. It is keeping me on my toes, for sure, which is exactly what I want out of a job so the fit seems perfect. To all of the other employers who didn't want me and said no...THANK YOU for making me wait for this one. Many times over.

I've got one more day of work then two off and I am looking forward to crossing a ton of stuff off of my to do list and relaxing. Justin is out of town all weekend whooping it up at a bachelor par-tay and I have to admit, I miss him like mad. We haven't spent a night apart in over two and a half years! It needed to happen eventually but, dang, my house feels empty. Makes you appreciate what you've got and, trust me, I do.

Tiny secret here: I haven't even looked at a blog since last Sunday. Crazy isn't it? I normally wake up, make coffee, get back in bed and open my computer EVERY SINGLE DAY. Times are a changin around here. I think once my schedule calms down a bit and I get into more of a rhythm blogging will come back naturally but, please forgive, posts might be light for a few.

In honor of my desire for simplicity these next few days, some spaces that are just that. Simple. Spare. Clean. Sometimes (actually, most times) less is way more. 

 yuck. sorryforthepoorphotoquality.

 oh man. i have loved this room for so long.

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And several sidenotes here: First, who would like to come over and clean up my computer for me? Get all of the dupes off, reload my music, organize? Anyone? HEELLOOO?? Hmm. Ok. Second, I'm still getting used to the new-to-me mousepad clicker on my new MacBook. WTF? It's weird. Screens appear randomly that I didn't even know existed. It annoys the sh*t out of me so far. Third, I think I'll go running today. And then get a huge burrito from Papalote and eat the entire thing. And that's all. So long.


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