Weekends by Ponyboy.

Hey guys, is it the weekend now?! 

 I love the weekend! It's the best time ever. 

I get to play with all of my toys and balls.

 Sleep in sun spots all over the house (including the bedroom, which is normally closed during the week).

 Mom and dad cook delicious food and I get to help. 

 We watch baseball.

And play board games together.

 I get to help with the laundry.  

And make the bed with the clean sheets. 

 We all go to Dynamo and I get TWO doggie donuts.

I get baths, which I love. 

 And we do lots of sleeping, snoozing, napping.

Weekends are swell.
Unfortunately, we have plans today. Otherwise I'm pretty sure I would stay in bed all day and eat burritos with Pony.


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