Saturday Stunner(s).

“And then the dreams break into a million tiny pieces. The dream dies. Which leaves you with a choice: you can settle for reality, or you can go off, like a fool, and dream another dream.” 
 –Nora Ephron. 

Don't forget, in all this madness of the day to day life, that there's a bigger picture out there (or a much smaller, simpler one if you will). 

I've been shocked at the passage of time lately. The weeks fly by, I haven't a clue how it's July already. Of 2012. And I do believe that I am forgetting to stop and smell the roses. By all means, live your dream. But don't lose sight of what your dream actually is. 


 *J and I totally have a pool routine that looks very familiar to this. We practice on our tropical vacations. It's been years since we practiced...gettin a wee rusty on vacay time.*

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Currently Coveting.

My house feels pleasantly minimalist right now but I've been pondering ways to integrate more texture and layers. And possibly even *gasp* color! The bones are good but some serious work needs to go into accessorizing. I'd like to change out some window treatments, add patterned pillows, consider artwork for above the bed and in the kitchen...the list never ends. 
Some inspiration photos I've got on hand for the arduous task ahead. 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7



An Upstate state of mind.

Hey party people. Actually, I'm the party person. Done with job stress until next Tuesday. Time to down the wine. Srsly. I came across the big red monster to find myself surrounded by swirling blowing heavy wet fog and I couldn't be more pleased. I'm going to cook in my kitchen and watch the tele until my eyes bleed. 
*Is the second season of Downton Abbey out yet? Anyone? Anywhere? I need some dirty British accents in my ear. If I have to settle for the Jersey housewives, that's ok too I guess.*

My latest findings from around the web all definitely have an upstate NY feel to them. Home sweet home.
Enjoy dahlings.


Spotlight: Wendy Schwartz Design.

In keeping with the new structure around here, we are going to go ahead and do a spotlight day where a very hip designer or a very amazing home/restaurant/younameit gets some time in the limelight. We'll see how it goes. I think so many of the photos that I post on here are rather undone. I have always always felt mildly turned off by overly designed rooms. But my eye has become a bit more varied and I am starting to embrace the more professional side of things. 

I particularly like her work because of the whimsical elements. She is totally into the cute/ugly thing. I mean, some of that stuff is totally ugly...but in the best way possible. 

For example...

What the.

And here:
Um. That chair. Seriously. 
(But I'm a little excited by it too, not gonna lie.)

The best photos are after the jumpity jump. 


Seat of the week.

I sat down and spent a little QT with my baby yesterday. I've decided I need some structure. Stat. No better time to do it than when you are in the midst of your blog redesign (REdesign. Ha. Like this puppers has ever even remotely been designed...). We are going to be doing features and essays and all sorts of things with sparkles and champagne bubbles around here. Just you wait. Good things are coming. 

First up...new feature: SEAT OF THE WEEK. And, trust, I will never ever run out of chairs to show you. My chair love runs deep and true. Believe me.

I have become so taken with this classic lately. You know how when you are looking at buying a new car and then suddenly you start seeing that car everywhere you look? Yeah. That's what's happening over here. Thonet. Erywhere.


The best photos are after the jump. 
Hop in... 


It's not all about the bling.

These photos remind me that you don't have to have a stash of cash in the bank to make your house look stunning. 

Little moments. Nice patina. Good bones.
I far prefer this look to overly designed rooms. You can always tell when an interior designer has been there. Always. I like the unfinished, unfussy look of this.
So real.



Saturday Stunner.


 Um. No shit. 
I would have breakfast in bed everyday too if I had a bajillion dollas and this view:



The windy road.

You guys are getting bored of me. Stats are way down. I'm bored of me too, don't worry. I had the most miserable week at work, woke up with puffy eyes and am staying firmly on the couch with Pony enjoying the fog today. It seems meant for my mood. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about how some people's lives are straight lines. Just one big open road, easy, straight forward, unfussy if even a bit scripted, a clear end point. And then there are other lives. Windy roads. Clouded vision. Curves and twists and unwritten endings. Interesting, isn't it. How different we are all. I'm trying to enjoy my own very windy road these days. Wondering what it is going to bring me. I can't help but wish that sometimes I had that straight line...

I don't think I'd mind the windy road as much if it lead to this: 

The perfect country home. 

 These pops of green and blue kill it in the best way possible.

Grey kitchen love. 

Steven Volpe home


Currently Coveting.

And will remain coveting for quite some time. This little number would be so perfect right in the corner of my living room. Or my bedroom. Closet. Hallway. Wherever, whenever, whyever. 

Hola Paulistano. 

Paulistano Armchair
Paolo Mendes de Rocha

Can you tell I have a mild chair obsession? 
and here.
oh wait. here too.



In the midst of organizing my design photos/inspiration, as I said. I'm not even halfway through my magazines yet but the most excellent thing to come of this process so far has been being reunited with modernism. Lately I've been feeling kind of meh when my Dwell arrives every month. I have definitely been leaning towards the "rustic" side of "rustic modernist" lately. But it just so happens that my first stack of magazines to tackle was, wouldn't you know it, my Dwells. And, wouldn't you know it, it has been pure pleasure. Nothing but concrete floors, clean lines and wood. 

Check out this little darling. 

 Come on in...



I've been thinking a lot lately about the online community. All of it: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Instagram. I wouldn't say that I am very into social media but I look at Facebook normally everyday and, being that I am blogger, I spend a good deal of my free time looking at blogs. Which inevitably leads to a little comparison. Comparison of myself and all of those other people I read about through blogs, status updates, you name it. I love my life but the incessant reminders of where other people are at in their own lives has been weighing on me. How ready I am to have a baby, get married, buy a house, be successful in my career and my blog, look cute, have great clothes, great hair, a 401K, a bundle of savings, a plan for my future, a station wagon, a vacation home. It really never ends.

I happen to be a late bloomer, if you will. I think a lot of people in the Bay Area are. We get married later, have kids later, start careers later, buy houses much much later because, well, how many people can really afford a million dollar house at 25...I don't regret any of the choices I made. I saw amazing places and had experiences most people will never have. But I now find myself in a position of wanting some of those things that I blew off for so long. And, for this reason or that, I just can't seem to have them yet. So be it.

I have been having this nagging feeling that this online community that gives so much social connection in so many different forms isn't always so good. I'm thinking of taking a break from it. Not the blog. But probably the Facebook. Just give it a rest for a little while, live my life as it is, where it is. Because, the thing is, on the surface of all of those status updates and photo shoots and special occasions, all is happy and looks so so lovely. But you never ever know what lies underneath, you never get the full story, and you end up feeling like everyone's lives are all parties and vacations and sunbeams and fireworks, except yours.

So, cheers to the monotony and the ordinary. Today, on my day off, I'll probably make some food, help J plant tomatoes in our concrete "backyard", watch an episode or two of Revenge, make some long overdue phone calls and stress out about work tomorrow. Not all that exciting but that's what my life looks right now, in this moment.

End rant. 

I won't leave you without at least one bit of house porn, don't worry.

It's been a rather typical San Francisco week weather-wise. Hot (like, actually HOT) on Saturday, freezing cold and fogged in the rest of the weekend. This seems apropos. 

I don't know what it is about this house/photo but I am in love. Maybe because it feels like it could be in Seattle with all of that mist hanging around. Or maybe it's the exposed beams and floor to ceiling windows. Or the fact that it feels so cozy in that bungalow style home (imagine how stellar a Christmas tree would be in that corner!).


Beach retreat.

Soooo. As I said, I've been watching a wee bit of Revenge in my treasured free time (what I haven't been doing in that treasured free time is working out. can someone please go running for me? or do a few chaturangas?). I mean, don't get me wrong, Greyson manor is great and all but mainly just because it's so massive. I far prefer the beach cottage where Emily lives. More quaint in feel, it just seems like the perfect place to gather with the family for lobsters after being out on the beach all day. But, truth be told, the decor is total shabby chic bleh-ness. Over the top. When I spotted Lisa Sherry's beach house in this month's issue of Lonny, I couldn't help but wish that Miss Emily Thorne had decided on another interior designer. 

One a little more up this alley: 

*great corner. the mix of modern seating with the soft beachiness of the rest of the house totally works for me.*

 *love this space. perfect nook.*

 I think that there are some rather whimsical moments here. Some quirkiness that I adore. Maybe too quirky for our beloved Emily, but it sure would make that cottage she lives in easier on the eyes.

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