Beach retreat.

Soooo. As I said, I've been watching a wee bit of Revenge in my treasured free time (what I haven't been doing in that treasured free time is working out. can someone please go running for me? or do a few chaturangas?). I mean, don't get me wrong, Greyson manor is great and all but mainly just because it's so massive. I far prefer the beach cottage where Emily lives. More quaint in feel, it just seems like the perfect place to gather with the family for lobsters after being out on the beach all day. But, truth be told, the decor is total shabby chic bleh-ness. Over the top. When I spotted Lisa Sherry's beach house in this month's issue of Lonny, I couldn't help but wish that Miss Emily Thorne had decided on another interior designer. 

One a little more up this alley: 

*great corner. the mix of modern seating with the soft beachiness of the rest of the house totally works for me.*

 *love this space. perfect nook.*

 I think that there are some rather whimsical moments here. Some quirkiness that I adore. Maybe too quirky for our beloved Emily, but it sure would make that cottage she lives in easier on the eyes.

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