The best house on the lake.

So funny. I spotted this amazing house in Dwell a few months back and it, quite literally, took my breath away. I spent a good deal of time flipping past the article only to find myself turning the pages back again, just for one more little glimpse. Smitten, I was. And then I put the magazine down, turned to do something else and forgot all about it until today when I spotted it again. 

**I'm undertaking the massive project of weeding through my design magazines and pulling out all of the pages I have earmarked. In an attempt to make my inspiration a bit more cohesive, I'm creating binders. Sacrilege to tear apart magazines, I know I know (and don't fret, all of the Domino's will remain intact. tsk tsk.). But for what happened today-forgotten homes, lost images-I think this organization is necessary. Obvs.**

Take your time with this one. She is a serious beauty. 

 {This image makes me miss New England and Christmases at my Aunt and Uncle's house in Pennsylvania. Don't know why. Just does.}

 {Have you in all your life ever seen a bedroom so serene? The lighting in here is breathtaking. Everything is so soft and light. Sweet sweet dreams happen here.}

 {The sparseness and the patina of this is utterly fitting.}

{So romantic. I love that this is all laid bare and then the private rooms are tucked away, sheltered behind it.}

The Floating Farmhouse
via Dwell


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