My computer actually had dust on it this morning when I picked it up. THAT is insane. 

Y'all. You should come on my commute with me one of these mornings. It's pretty fab. I get up each morning and walk out of my city apartment onto my dirty, trash-littered city street. I get my car out of my tight little garage and wait for the traffic to pass to pull onto the very crowded city street. I head down past Golden Gate Park and on to Park Presidio, competing for placement among the masses of morning commuters. 


Stop lights and stop signs and honking, impatient drivers. Then comes a tunnel. And a bend in the road. A crush of cars through the toll plaza. And then. Then I get to the bridge. 

And then, it all changes. I've been making this commute for a little over a month now, three days a week, and I am really starting to believe that I will never get sick of the sight of that lovely Golden Gate Bridge. In the mornings it's all lifting fog out to the left, out to sea, and Alcatraz gleaming off to the right, the City sparkling in the morning sun. 


I take my time a little bit more. 

 Then it's off into meandering hills and trees and golden grass winding along the highway as I make my way past Sausalito, Marin and into Mill Valley. 


It's quiet. So quiet. I see kids walking to school and people running their dogs. My mind eases. All of this in only 15 minutes. 


Heading home at the end of the day is equally as enchanting. Leaving the office always slightly dusty from being in the fresh air and heat of the North Bay. Getting into my very warm car and pulling out onto a road where there isn't traffic or horns. Again, winding along through the hills towards that bridge. Again, a bend in the road. And then, there it is. 


Crawling my way down the hill, along the curve.  The ever so pretty red hue contrasting with all of the gold and green and brown of the landscape. Slowing down so I can look, again, to the left. This time the City sits there, a little darker, a little quieter. Again, to the right. 


The wide open expanse of ocean. The fog creeping back in, sometimes rushing and whipping over the bridge. 


This is probably one of my favorite moments of the entire day. Works behind me. A night off ahead of me. Feeling happy to have spent the day in a small town and the night at our home in the city. 

Hasn't gotten old yet, that commute. 


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