Happy Friday!

Coffee and computing in bed and desperately seeking out dark, thick curtains for our bedroom. So wanted to sleep in today but my eyes were pried open at the wee hour of 6AM by the beams of shockingly bright sunshine pouring in our windows. 
Can't. Handle. It. Any. Longer. 
It has been a long stretch of a week and I need some shuteye. Busy days at work followed by unexpected dinners with friends on both Tuesday and Thursday (we had a not so good meal last night at a restaurant we hadn't ever been to. isn't that the most disappointing thing ever? i love food way too much to have it be bad.). Today I'm going to clean my house, lounge with my d o g, pin all sorts of pins on pinterest, browse my blogs I haven't looked at all week, and have a little ladies lunch. You guys also might like to know that I started a tumblr, for all the random photos I like but don't necessarily want to blog about. It's pretty and you should check it out here.

But first let's have some random. Do you feel like talking animals, or necklaces? 

Some unexpected little guests:

 BLOWFISH! I love this. So whimsical in an otherwise serious bathroom.

Keep reading to see the rest of the zoo creatures! 

 HAWKS! BIRDS! Whateves. They're dope.

 A WEE BUNNY! I actually can't tell if he's real or fake...

 SHEEP! Hey guy. So serious. 

PIGGY! I want him. He's perfect.

xoxo and oinkoink



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