Seat of the week.

I sat down and spent a little QT with my baby yesterday. I've decided I need some structure. Stat. No better time to do it than when you are in the midst of your blog redesign (REdesign. Ha. Like this puppers has ever even remotely been designed...). We are going to be doing features and essays and all sorts of things with sparkles and champagne bubbles around here. Just you wait. Good things are coming. 

First up...new feature: SEAT OF THE WEEK. And, trust, I will never ever run out of chairs to show you. My chair love runs deep and true. Believe me.

I have become so taken with this classic lately. You know how when you are looking at buying a new car and then suddenly you start seeing that car everywhere you look? Yeah. That's what's happening over here. Thonet. Erywhere.


The best photos are after the jump. 
Hop in... 

 I'll take mine with cane seating please. Oh, cane seating. Don't ever forget I love you.

 Mod with the neon update. Not too shabs.

 And in a bench. Just for kicks.

You can buy this little number new in a bazillion colors at DWR
Or old, wherever the hell you can find it.

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