Spotlight: Wendy Schwartz Design.

In keeping with the new structure around here, we are going to go ahead and do a spotlight day where a very hip designer or a very amazing home/restaurant/younameit gets some time in the limelight. We'll see how it goes. I think so many of the photos that I post on here are rather undone. I have always always felt mildly turned off by overly designed rooms. But my eye has become a bit more varied and I am starting to embrace the more professional side of things. 

I particularly like her work because of the whimsical elements. She is totally into the cute/ugly thing. I mean, some of that stuff is totally ugly...but in the best way possible. 

For example...

What the.

And here:
Um. That chair. Seriously. 
(But I'm a little excited by it too, not gonna lie.)

The best photos are after the jumpity jump. 


This stuff is so not me. But, again, I'm kinda stoked on it too. 

 No idea why but I'm rather smitten with this one here. Sister definitely knows how to mix it up.

 What do you guys think? Honestly, a year ago I wouldn't have gotten this AT ALL. But I really have learned to appreciate all aspects of design and there is definitely some major appeal here.

 ***I am so bloody exhausted today I can barely function. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. My mind has been working overtime. Death, life, love, family, work. Just a lot of thinking about how you really need to live your life everyday in a way that makes you happy, content, or, at the very least, not miserable. Go give your people some hugs and kisses y'all. You don't ever know when it will be the last.***



  1. love it.
    all of it.
    i love your blog too. and not necessarily in that order.

  2. I assure you MFAMB, that the feeling it entirely mutual.


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