An Upstate state of mind.

Hey party people. Actually, I'm the party person. Done with job stress until next Tuesday. Time to down the wine. Srsly. I came across the big red monster to find myself surrounded by swirling blowing heavy wet fog and I couldn't be more pleased. I'm going to cook in my kitchen and watch the tele until my eyes bleed. 
*Is the second season of Downton Abbey out yet? Anyone? Anywhere? I need some dirty British accents in my ear. If I have to settle for the Jersey housewives, that's ok too I guess.*

My latest findings from around the web all definitely have an upstate NY feel to them. Home sweet home.
Enjoy dahlings.

-First up, newish furniture line from some of the peeps over at BDDW. I am smitten. Handcrafted American furniture fit for a renovated barnhouse? Yes please. 

-Next up, new collab between Michael S. Smith and Kallista. Are you catching the Upstate trend? Marble and wood magic.-

-And last, a few awfully pretty quilts to keep you warm during those cold NY winters. You'll want them, trust me. Collection by Jess Brown as featured on Remodelista.-

Now leave me alone to drink my wine in peace. Adios amigos/as. Until tomorrow. 


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