The windy road.

You guys are getting bored of me. Stats are way down. I'm bored of me too, don't worry. I had the most miserable week at work, woke up with puffy eyes and am staying firmly on the couch with Pony enjoying the fog today. It seems meant for my mood. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about how some people's lives are straight lines. Just one big open road, easy, straight forward, unfussy if even a bit scripted, a clear end point. And then there are other lives. Windy roads. Clouded vision. Curves and twists and unwritten endings. Interesting, isn't it. How different we are all. I'm trying to enjoy my own very windy road these days. Wondering what it is going to bring me. I can't help but wish that sometimes I had that straight line...

I don't think I'd mind the windy road as much if it lead to this: 

The perfect country home. 

 These pops of green and blue kill it in the best way possible.

Grey kitchen love. 

Steven Volpe home


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