I'm back lovers! Back to the big city after a fantastical weekend in a pretty magical place. Ooof. Sometimes you just need to get away and this was definitely one of those times. I can't explain how amazing it was to feel sunshine on my face, wind at my back and water on my toes. We spent the weekend riding bikes, riding boats, walking around and exploring the islands and it was exactly what this city dweller needed. My crush on the Pacific Northwest is growing stronger. I think we might have to start casually dating. Just saying. 

I used to travel all the time. Justin and I traveled so much our first year together it was remarkable (it was also bank busting which is why it has stopped...). Hawaii, Thailand, Portland, Seattle, New York, San Diego, Hawaii again. So. Much. Fun. But the past two years have been filled with new jobs and injuries and talk of the future so we have been spending much of our time just sitting tight. I'm glad we were forced to not sit tight this weekend. It reminded me that life doesn't end for us in this city, in this moment, in this apartment. That there is a whole wide world out there just waiting for us. It made me excited again and I really (really really really really) needed that. 

 As someone who has lived in a city for so many years of my life (Providence for college, New Orleans for years after, and now San Francisco) the thought of country living, or even suburban living for that matter, scares the eternal s*&t out of me. What do people doooo? Where do they eat? What do they do on the weekends? Where do they shop?! It is all very mind boggling to me. Like, it's really nice for vacations but what the hell do you do if you actually LIVE there? 
Please. I know it sounds utterly snobby and uppity to say the least. I promise you it is not coming from that place. It's just different, this city life. I by no means think it's better. Just very very different. 
But this year especially has got us thinking about a quieter (and no doubt cheaper) way of life sometime down the road. 
Country life doesn't look so bad from where I was standing.
 Water. Gets me every time. I am a Cancer through and through.



We come home tomorrow and I already cannot wait to see this guy. 

Hope you all had a great weekend. Back to normal Tuesday!


Saturday Stunner.

Holy hell and Amen. 
This is STUNNING. 
I can't even begin to express what that rug does to me.

Heart. Quivering.
jesus christ. I need to get out of my ugly apartment bathroom. And on plane to Mexico or South America to roll 200 million of these up and stash them in my bag to bring home.



Currently Coveting: Chain Link Table.

I was in Bloomies the other day shopping for something cute for the wedding we are currently at (want every dress Parker has ever made bt dubs...). Justin went wandering up to the men's floor and got himself lost amongst the 500$ wallets and I soon went after to drag him out. I hopped on the escalator and realized that I had never everever been up there! It's so different from the ladies department! All dark and masculine. With cool things like CHAIN LINK TABLES. 

Um. Awesome right?

V and M has this one for sale right now.
 Who the F still wears Adidas sandals out in public? Furniture shopping? For shame young man. And paired with basketball shorts. Come on. If this was Bloomingdales they would have you arrested on the spot.

 I want. It would be amazing in a large entry or some other room that is definitely large scale. But I covet this for one place and one place only and that is exactly the place where I found it. A retail store. It was perfectly lovely in the men's department at Bloomingdales but I'm imagining something with a bit more juxtaposition. Like in a ladies shop. Set with all sorts of ultra hip hot pink, gold, neon. Old and new. Rugged and smooth. Leather and lace (Vic-that one is for you. Well, and anyone else who knows and appreciates that song...c'mon people. It's a classic.). So dope.


Spotlight: Rough Luxe Design

Changing it up today. I saw this book come out and knew I had to have it immediately. First, the title and book cover attracted me. Right up my alley.

Then I read the reviews and the ethos behind it and knew for sure it was meant for me. You see? I already wrote about this topic. I just called it by a different name.

It's so curious to me this newfound interest in everything old. I love the whole concept on a base level although I do think it is a bit overdone. Maybe I say that because of where I live. It feels like you cannot walk down the street, eat at a new restaurant, get your haircut, shop anywhere in this city without being surrounded by this aesthetic. Rough luxe puked on San Francisco and it hasn't looked back.

But, alas, I still love it. There is something so charming and reassuring to me about this design style. It gives me faith in our collective future. Like, our generation embraces tradition and puts value on things with character and age rather than things that are sparkly and new. It feels like we are harking back to the days of general stores and farms. And I think that's mighty refreshing amongst all the iPods, iPhones, internet, computers, cars, planes, rushing, madness, traffic, lights, mania that have come to define our days. I might add at this moment though that this design style is not IN THE LEAST affordable, attainable or realistic for most people. If you have been to the flea market in the last few years or used eBay or craigslist or seen the uprising of 1st Dibs you know what I'm talking about. Mark up much? That rough hewn look is pricey let me tell you darlings. Rustic wood beams? Um. Yeah. Not in this city. Not in any suburb I know. But most definitely splashing across the pages of every major design publication from here to the moon and back.
bling blang

But for those who can afford it I say go for it. It doesn't have to be over the top like some of the spaces featured in the book are. Just adding little details that are old, worn, antique, heirlooms makes such a difference and adds so much depth and meaning.

 Americana at its finest.

 Pared down and minimal, nothing extra, just pretty, old things.

 Sqwauk-a-doodle-do. I love this space. Check the glass cut outs front and center. Geez. When can I move in? 

 Industrial accents are a major part of this movement. Lighting, old wheels, pulleys, stools, pretty much anything with rust.

 Signs awesome.

 And you absolutely must have a painting of at least one old person who you don't know hanging somewhere in your home. Required.

 Skulls and antlers::most definitely.


The art of the vignette.

Quickie today. Work, hair, pack, nails, sleep, fly. Whoosh. We are off to the San Juan islands bright and early tomorrow morning and we can't wait to spend some quality time with friends and family. 

A little inspiration for you concerning something I consider myself bad at-vignetting. Styling is a serious skill that takes a practiced hand. I don't have it. It is really difficult to arrange objects in a way that is attractive and doesn't look forced. I am such a hater of over-styled homes and photos. It's the I'mtryingsohard look. Not a fan. I definitely prefer a look that is more organic and collected, if you will.

Some of my faves:


Seat of the Week.

I am all about this chair, especially with a farmhouse table. It makes for a really nice mash up of rustic and modern. 

The Panton Chair
Verner Panton

"Most people spend their lives living in dreary, beige conformity, mortally afraid of using color. The main purpose of my work is to provoke people into using their imagination and make their surroundings more exciting." 
-Verner Panton

Dreamy photos after the jump...and, don't worry, I'm still mortally afraid of using color. 


Currently Coveting: All natural.

Nothing like starting a Monday with a letter from the Franchise Tax Board saying you underpaid your taxes 4 (yes, 4) years ago and must send them the missing hundreds of dollars within 15 days or your life will be systematically ruined by debt collectors. I'd like to know how they can take 4 years to figure it out but I've got to pay it in 2 weeks (or else!). Sheesh. Ah well. There are other more exciting things happening today. 

*My bestie is back from her 6 week long journey across the country and I can't wait to hang. 
*T minus 3 days and we will be boarding our plane for Tacoma. 
*It's sunny and I'm finally working a tan for the first time all "summer." 
*I went shopping yesterday and got the cutest.top.ever. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's amazing on.

And to add to all of that goodness I'm going to blog about what I'm currently coveting today-a natural fiber rug! Can you guys stand the excitement? I know.

Rugs are a huge factor in decorating and can make such a statement. They are also hugely expensive which is prohibitive for the masses. I love these rugs because they are/can be so inexpensive and they look GREAT.

 Nice for layering. This is pretty much just rubbing it in my face how much money I don't have. Just throw a Beni Ourain on top...no probs.

 Perfect for balancing out an over the top room.

 Note the swing here...styling really can make or break a shot. This one breaks it in my humble opinion. 

Ugh. Sunflowers. My least favorite. Ever.

Um. Yay. This is awesome.

Dunno about the diamond pattern. Not my fave.

Caitlin Flemming's super cute SF abode.

Find out where you can purchase your very own jute.sisal.wool.blenditall rug after the jump.

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