It is July 16 and I just put my heat on. July. Heaters. America, not Australia. What. The. Fuck. I can't deal. Today we are putting on shorts and tee shirts, hopping in the car and going North, or South, or anywhere I can feel the sun kissing my skin. I can't wait.

Today is the last day of my 33rd year in this life of mine. It hasn't been my favorite year so far, you know, just to be totally honest. Lots of pressure on myself, from myself. Not knowing which direction to go. Far too many tears and arguments and wasted time. But. It all made me learn so much more about life and what I want out of it. 

Aside from getting to spend another laughter filled year with my favorite man in the world I celebrated so many exciting milestones with close friends-babies (oh, so many wee ones are on the way I can't even believe), engagements, moves, travels, jobs. I became a godmother for the first time to the most amazing little babe you have ever seen. I got an opportunity to work with a designer in the industry that I love. All of those things were great but I have to say that the best thing that came out of 33 for me has been this blog. 

I started it years ago (please DO NOT go back and read my first few posts. completelymortifying) but this year was the year I really found my voice and started devoting time to it. This blog literally brings me happiness everyday. Not only because I have found an outlet for all of that pent up interiors frustration but because I have discovered how much I love to write, and that I actually have something to say. It is quite a fun little gig, this blogging. Aside from the personal side of it, it has somehow opened doors for me in so many different ways. People who I haven't heard from in years (um, like 12 years people!) message me to tell me how much they enjoy reading and I cannot express enough HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT. It's such a small, unimportant thing-blogging about my boring little life and all of the design I'm smitten with. Ah, but it is also what I love to do and, when even one person likes what you love to do, it makes it so worth it.

So, I thought we'd do a little recap of the past year today. So long 33, you odd numbered little devil. 34 bitches. That's what I'm talking about. 

~I had 9 people looking at my blog. I now have about 200 a day. Not bad~
~I collabed with Blaire on some posts. I think I'd like to revisit that. It was fun~
~The Saints lost to the Niners. Not my best day~
~Started the blog design process (!!!). I cannot wait til this is done. So excited~ 

That was a fun little stroll down memory lane. What photo to post on this last day of 33? Eh, let's just leave it at this and call it a day. I'm off to find the sunshine and the happiness. And probably a nice glass of wine. Thanks for making this year stellar. You guys are the best.



  1. You are amazing. You're blog is super and I love reading it on the daily.

  2. we will absolutely collab some more, darling! i love your writing and you honestly are one of my favorite blogs - you have such an eye and such a voice. i think you find your calling. 34 is your year.

  3. Comments from two of the people who inspire me most. xxoo.


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