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Nothing like starting a Monday with a letter from the Franchise Tax Board saying you underpaid your taxes 4 (yes, 4) years ago and must send them the missing hundreds of dollars within 15 days or your life will be systematically ruined by debt collectors. I'd like to know how they can take 4 years to figure it out but I've got to pay it in 2 weeks (or else!). Sheesh. Ah well. There are other more exciting things happening today. 

*My bestie is back from her 6 week long journey across the country and I can't wait to hang. 
*T minus 3 days and we will be boarding our plane for Tacoma. 
*It's sunny and I'm finally working a tan for the first time all "summer." 
*I went shopping yesterday and got the cutest.top.ever. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's amazing on.

And to add to all of that goodness I'm going to blog about what I'm currently coveting today-a natural fiber rug! Can you guys stand the excitement? I know.

Rugs are a huge factor in decorating and can make such a statement. They are also hugely expensive which is prohibitive for the masses. I love these rugs because they are/can be so inexpensive and they look GREAT.

 Nice for layering. This is pretty much just rubbing it in my face how much money I don't have. Just throw a Beni Ourain on top...no probs.

 Perfect for balancing out an over the top room.

 Note the swing here...styling really can make or break a shot. This one breaks it in my humble opinion. 

Ugh. Sunflowers. My least favorite. Ever.

Um. Yay. This is awesome.

Dunno about the diamond pattern. Not my fave.

Caitlin Flemming's super cute SF abode.

Find out where you can purchase your very own jute.sisal.wool.blenditall rug after the jump.

 Rugs USA
Kind of loving this one.
 Pottery Barn
The braided trim is lovely.


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