Currently Coveting: Chain Link Table.

I was in Bloomies the other day shopping for something cute for the wedding we are currently at (want every dress Parker has ever made bt dubs...). Justin went wandering up to the men's floor and got himself lost amongst the 500$ wallets and I soon went after to drag him out. I hopped on the escalator and realized that I had never everever been up there! It's so different from the ladies department! All dark and masculine. With cool things like CHAIN LINK TABLES. 

Um. Awesome right?

V and M has this one for sale right now.
 Who the F still wears Adidas sandals out in public? Furniture shopping? For shame young man. And paired with basketball shorts. Come on. If this was Bloomingdales they would have you arrested on the spot.

 I want. It would be amazing in a large entry or some other room that is definitely large scale. But I covet this for one place and one place only and that is exactly the place where I found it. A retail store. It was perfectly lovely in the men's department at Bloomingdales but I'm imagining something with a bit more juxtaposition. Like in a ladies shop. Set with all sorts of ultra hip hot pink, gold, neon. Old and new. Rugged and smooth. Leather and lace (Vic-that one is for you. Well, and anyone else who knows and appreciates that song...c'mon people. It's a classic.). So dope.


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