Currently Coveting.

First morning off all week and it is foggy and chilly. Totally fine with me. When I took the dog to the park there wasn't one other soul there. City dwellers: how much do you love that? Even though there were cars zipping around us on both sides and bustling neighborhoods in every direction it felt like we had that little slice of wet ground to ourselves for a few minutes. It was quite lovely and without a doubt what I was most coveting today...

However, as per usual, there are many other tangible objets that I covet too. I always seem to forget about Calypso but never again. I went on the website last week for some reason work related and found myself gaga over so many things. 

So today let's do a little Currently Coveting: Calypso St. Barth edition.
Drool after the jump. 

I'm thinking about changing out the rug in the entryway and, if and when I do, this lamp would work very well.

Color color color.

So in the market for tabletop. Perfect for anything and would be quite nice against my wood farmhouse table.

This is where it all started for me and Calypso. I want this so badly. So badly. It would tie my living room together and provide me with hours of cozy warmth. At $725 (!!!) I am 100% positive this will never be mine. Boo.

Still want this even though I have nowhere to even put it at this point.

Nice neutral pattern and extremely well priced.

If only this came in a 2x3 it would be perfect for my entry.

Yes please.

You know what? I've always hemmed and hawed about these pillows, not really sure how I felt. I think I'm officially on board now. They just need to be toned down with some other patterned or colored pillows and I can totally see how these would be amazing.

Nice textural accent.

Nice for the bed. If I don't get this one, this isn't a bad, less expensive option.

My sectional is begging for a big oblong pillow like this. I actually kinda like the yellow. Weird. I'll probably eat my words on that. I normally do not like yellow. Maybe it's the fog.

Interesting and unexpected in a very good way. Perfect for a small space. I wonder what the lighting would be like...

Against some roughed up wood? Nice.

I quite like this major statement piece. This would look killer in my bedroom instead of the big silver lofty piece we have now.

I'm off to make myself a peanut butter and pickle sandwich for breakfast. Don't knock it til you try it. It's my favorite.


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  1. I spied that pig bank in a local store and fell in love. When my 3-yr old son asked for a piggy bank, I thought of this one....then came back to my senses ( ;


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