For Peet's sake.

Y'all are about to hear some ramblings from a crazed mind. Stress is through the roof today. So many big decisions to be made. So much wrong timing for so many things. I can feel it in my bones that the universe is trying desperately to tell me something. Desperately. Hoping that I can be still long enough to hear it. You know, I was raised in an ultra Christian household. I was a total preachers kid. Not only a preachers kid but a BAPTIST preachers kid. Whoa. I went through a vast majority of my life pushing all of that religion away. And I still do. Don't buy any of that nonsense. But in recent years I have found myself at least believing in something greater than ourselves. This universe cannot be just a culmination of the random actions of mostly dumb people. There has to be something guiding us, prodding us, pushing us slightly in one direction or the other.

Which direction to choose? 

Or maybe we should just forget all of this seriousness anyway and move on to some pretty. 
Have loved this home forever. Forgot about it and spotted it the other day again. Still love it.

Welcome bohos.
 Please come in!

 It's amazing huh? I know. 
Amanda Peet did her home herself  had Nathan Turner as her designer. And it looks like this. WTF. This is what money can get you. Guess money CAN buy you class, Countess. Hmph.

all images via Domino or Vogue
Amanda Peet House


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