I'm back lovers! Back to the big city after a fantastical weekend in a pretty magical place. Ooof. Sometimes you just need to get away and this was definitely one of those times. I can't explain how amazing it was to feel sunshine on my face, wind at my back and water on my toes. We spent the weekend riding bikes, riding boats, walking around and exploring the islands and it was exactly what this city dweller needed. My crush on the Pacific Northwest is growing stronger. I think we might have to start casually dating. Just saying. 

I used to travel all the time. Justin and I traveled so much our first year together it was remarkable (it was also bank busting which is why it has stopped...). Hawaii, Thailand, Portland, Seattle, New York, San Diego, Hawaii again. So. Much. Fun. But the past two years have been filled with new jobs and injuries and talk of the future so we have been spending much of our time just sitting tight. I'm glad we were forced to not sit tight this weekend. It reminded me that life doesn't end for us in this city, in this moment, in this apartment. That there is a whole wide world out there just waiting for us. It made me excited again and I really (really really really really) needed that. 

 As someone who has lived in a city for so many years of my life (Providence for college, New Orleans for years after, and now San Francisco) the thought of country living, or even suburban living for that matter, scares the eternal s*&t out of me. What do people doooo? Where do they eat? What do they do on the weekends? Where do they shop?! It is all very mind boggling to me. Like, it's really nice for vacations but what the hell do you do if you actually LIVE there? 
Please. I know it sounds utterly snobby and uppity to say the least. I promise you it is not coming from that place. It's just different, this city life. I by no means think it's better. Just very very different. 
But this year especially has got us thinking about a quieter (and no doubt cheaper) way of life sometime down the road. 
Country life doesn't look so bad from where I was standing.
 Water. Gets me every time. I am a Cancer through and through.


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  1. We country mice wonder the exact same thing about city folk! How do they cope with the noise, the crowdedness, the pavement everywhere?? As for us, we eat at home (absurdly well), and spend our free time hiking-cooking-baking-frisbee-ing-gardening-lounging-reading-writing-avoiding arithmetic-building-studying-loving and generally being dazzled by the herons and spawning salmon and four-point bucks in our yard...

    Love your blog. Lovelovelove.


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