Saturday Stunner. (And something you should know.)

So, there's something you guys should know about me. In addition to my other occupations, which it seems keep multiplying exponentially, during the summers in San Francisco I take on yet another part time job. That of the Killer of the Fruit Flies. I swear to g a w d himself I have never, in all my travels of life, lived in a place where the little buggers seem to come out of the woodwork as they do here, in the summer. You see them everywhere. Our kitchen and living room windows look out onto our back stairwell which also houses our garbage bins for two buildings. Just you imagine the mayhem this creates with the local fruit flies. Compost! Trash! Open bins! Oh my! They love it. 

It seems that they always "bloom" right around the end of June and, at that point, the windows in this apartment stay firmly CLOSED. But those little buggers somehow still manage to sneak themselves into our kitchen and that is when the battle begins my friends. Thwack. Crash. Boom. I find myself muttering things like "die you little beasts" and "ha! guess you didn't want to live!" and "DIE!" as I make my way around the kitchen, searching the spots I know they like to hide. The neighbors, without a doubt, must believe I am crazy. Trust. I am. 

I'm not particularly scared of bugs in general. Living in New Orleans brought my limits much higher what with the being surrounded by large scale cockroaches at every single turn. I've traveled to some of the most bug ridden countries on the planet. Thailand, Africa, South America. I mean, you will insects there that you didn't even know existed. Fruit flies are gross though. And annoying. They buzz around when you are trying to eat. They are dirty. They procreate like mad. And, if you get up close, they're pretty ugly creatures. Other bugs don't bother me to this extent. But something takes over me when the fruit flies come out. I automatically fall into my role of Killer of the Fruit Flies and I am obsessive about it until the season ends and we can return to life as usual, windows flung wide open.

Just thought you guys you should know that about me. Before we go any further. 

And with that, I give you some pretty for this gorgeously sunny-already-at-8-AM-Saturday.

A Fruit Fly Fortress!


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