Saturday Stunner.

This weekend is going to be about one thing and one thing only. Chasing summer. I need it. I spend a few days a week working in the North Bay. I drive around doing errands and getting lost and all I see all around me are people in shorts, dads sweating while pumping gas, kids riding bikes, families coming back from the pool. It's so, I don't know, suburban I guess for lack of a better word. It's what my childhood was and it's all of the things that I associate with summer. That feeling in the air of laziness, of early evening sunshine, of being hot in shorts and a tank top, of sleeping on top of the covers. I know I've said before that I miss the seasons. I think it's more than the seasons. I miss suburban living sometimes (gasp!). Afternoon ice cream cones, lounging around in bikinis, taking cool showers, barbecuing...
Summer in the city, for one, looks like this:

 But it's also lacking something else. It's the "school's out for the summer" feeling. It's the leaving-the-door-open-because-it's-too-hot-to-close-it feeling. 
It's this feeling:


Love that feeling and haven't felt it since I left the East Coast. 
So, here's to summer. And to finding a little slice of it this weekend.


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  1. it would be very cruel of me to tell you that i have been sleeping on top of the sheets since i have left SF, so i won't go into detail ;) but i have, and though the nights can get sticky and uncomfortable, i agree girlie, it is a wonderful feeling. you and i, we need to get out there for realz.


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