Seat of the week.

My oh my. I have no idea where this obsession with cane and rattan came from but, sheesh, I can't seem to keep myself away. This stool, cube, whatever you want to call it...isn't she a beaut? Pitter patter. I pulled this for one of my first assignments for my boss and I'm sure she thought I had fallen off my rocker (I'm actually pretty sure she thinks I've never been ON my rocker but that's a topic for another kind of blog). It reminds me so much of this
And how I would love to find that...

I mean, what do you do with these things? 
What do you do with these things you ask??? 
Don't be dumb. 
Put it under your lucite console in your entry. Use it as bedside table, an end table, an any table. I know! A stool! They'd be fab side by side in a living room as extra seating. Put it on your head. Let your dog sit on it. Whateves. It's awesome. I'd love to do some Photoshop magic for you right now but, people, I've been on the computer all day and I'm going to slowly slowly step away, put it down and see if the second season of Downton Abbey is available on Netflix (I think it is! I think it is!).

This is one of those seats that I think you must buy vintage. But, that's just me. And if you want, you can also buy it new here.


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