Spotlight: Commune.

Word up party people. Spending the day recovering from the birthday festivities (ie catching up on The Bachelorette...can we please discuss how much we love Jef. seriously. if she picks Ari I will puke.). Despite the fact that we chased the sun all weekend and never found it, not once, we had a great time floating around Indian Springs and wine tasting. Today I'm doing some laundry and getting ready for our trip next week. All of my suburban fantasies will be coming true as we head home to Tacoma and a wedding in the San Juan islands. I cannot wait for some much needed time away from the city. I can't wait to go out on the boat with J's parents and to see some of our most favorite friends and family. We are even excited to go the airport. So. Excited.

Now. On to other things to help us all get through the week. Let's waste some of our day looking at the awesomeness that is Commune. These people make me think I can hop onto the pattern train and never look back (Did I really just say that?? Lame. Oh well. I'm 34 now. I can say whatever I want.). Original, creative, a wee crazy. Love all of it, after the jump.

 *gettin crazy with the Tulu*

 *oooh. That bench. Those chairs. That red sofa thatiwouldnormallyhatebutloveinthisroom.*

 *brilliance on those stairs*

 *Do I want this room off of a room? Yes. And I'd like it look just like this.
This is what my current room off of a room looks like:
 Whaddayathink. Choice seems obvious.*

 *Yes to silver balls and rough hewn walls.*

 *Um. Hi. Can you say g e n i u s? Is that a freaking llama box?! Done and done. This is pure ridiculousness on so many levels it's heaven.*
 *As if all of that other nonsense wasn't awesome enough...here we have some sort of cut out book thing that is quite awesome too.*

 *And they can do muted too. Want that rug big time in my front hall. Anyone?*

 *rugs rugs rugs rugs rugs!!!!*

 *If I recall correctly this is a bachelor pad in LA. Dopest bachelor pad I've ever seen. Dudes got serious taste.*

 *Pretty cool little side table on wheels. Would make a great bar cart DIY for all you DIY-ers out there. I'm not one of you but please. go. make great things.*

 *Skull pillow+antique rug+throw with a tiger head=um.wow.*


 *Duh. I want this kitchen.*

 *Those pops of hot pink are killing it. This is exactly what I want my big grey sectional to look like. Do-able right? Except that I just found those pillows on the Commune website and they are $1000. No joke.*

 *Makes me reconsider my white walls. Too bad I'm never painting again.*

 *So so stunning. This look always comes off so effortless but, trust me, it is so hard to do this. So hard to pull it off.*

 *I'm kind of madly in love with that little kitchen. Don't even know why. Just am.*

 *What an entry.*

 *Yes. They did put an ethnic pattern on an Eames chair. And, yes, they did pair it with an antique Chinese seat. And, yes, it does look totally amazing. Who thinks of this s$%t?*



  1. jaw dropping. obsessed. all of it. sigh...$1000 for pillows. what. the. fuck. looks like i'm starting a new biz for pillows...want in? xx

  2. I'm quite impressed! Dang. Love Jef, by the way. ;-) Ari... not so much.

  3. Team Jef all the way!!!


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