Spotlight: Jessica Helgerson.

Spent so much time yesterday scouring blogs and magazines. My desktop is a disaster until I have some more time to organize everything. Luckily I had this post started weeks ago so I don't have to sort too much. Plus, my mind is a wee fogged in today. I have been sleeping, or not sleeping, horribly on Monday nights. Anxiety centrale. Bleh.

Today let's look at one of my favorites in the industry. Love her style. 

This is her own home, an experiment in living small with her hubs in the country. They do all sorts of idyllic things like bee keep and have chickens. Ah, I totally dig the country life. I guess because I've "lived small" for the past 8 years, this doesn't seem horrible AT ALL. I'd take that today, thankyouverymuch. Love the reclaimed wood on that back wall. 

And then...
lots more after the jump y'all


 Oh my goodness I love this moment. 

Die for that rug and that wall hanging. Diggity Die. 


This lady's got some mighty fine taste in rugs dontchathink? 

 No idea this was her work. That thing happening over there in the back? Yeah, the one with the floating console and curvy wood candlesticks? That one. That's pretty nice.



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