Spotlight: Kathryn Ireland.

Anyone know when Million Dollar Decorators is coming back?? Is it coming back at all? I kinda forgot about it but when I was investigating Kathryn Ireland's projects the other day I was reminded. It's not bad. And she's not bad either. Some of her stuff tends a little dowdy for me but her use of textiles is extraordinary. I'm definitely feeling this kind of design this week. Bright or muted colors and patterns mixed with loads of wood and white. She knows how to work with color in a major way and, let me tell you, that is a very difficult thing to do.

These photos make me want to head to John Robshaw (or India) and buy loads of pretty bright colored prints for the house. 

Here's a little peek. 
Best is after the jump!

 Not a fan of the mosquito nets but love the toile and checks.

 Looks a bit like Amanda's living room, non? 

 Pulling off green and red and having it not look Christmas-y is a feat for crazy people or total experts only. Srsly.

 Love the piece above the fireplace.

 Green chair and rug are killing it with all that wood.

 Suzani chairs! Yes!

 Pattern overload.

 Nice pops of burgundy against the white.

all images via Kathryn Ireland



  1. I feel like his is a lot of color for you. I like it. all.

  2. Thank you for featuring me.... M$D is coming back November 13th on Bravo. My new book "TImeless Interiors" comes out next month if you send me your e mail I can send you the PDF of it. kathryn@kathrynireland.com


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