Spotlight: Rough Luxe Design

Changing it up today. I saw this book come out and knew I had to have it immediately. First, the title and book cover attracted me. Right up my alley.

Then I read the reviews and the ethos behind it and knew for sure it was meant for me. You see? I already wrote about this topic. I just called it by a different name.

It's so curious to me this newfound interest in everything old. I love the whole concept on a base level although I do think it is a bit overdone. Maybe I say that because of where I live. It feels like you cannot walk down the street, eat at a new restaurant, get your haircut, shop anywhere in this city without being surrounded by this aesthetic. Rough luxe puked on San Francisco and it hasn't looked back.

But, alas, I still love it. There is something so charming and reassuring to me about this design style. It gives me faith in our collective future. Like, our generation embraces tradition and puts value on things with character and age rather than things that are sparkly and new. It feels like we are harking back to the days of general stores and farms. And I think that's mighty refreshing amongst all the iPods, iPhones, internet, computers, cars, planes, rushing, madness, traffic, lights, mania that have come to define our days. I might add at this moment though that this design style is not IN THE LEAST affordable, attainable or realistic for most people. If you have been to the flea market in the last few years or used eBay or craigslist or seen the uprising of 1st Dibs you know what I'm talking about. Mark up much? That rough hewn look is pricey let me tell you darlings. Rustic wood beams? Um. Yeah. Not in this city. Not in any suburb I know. But most definitely splashing across the pages of every major design publication from here to the moon and back.
bling blang

But for those who can afford it I say go for it. It doesn't have to be over the top like some of the spaces featured in the book are. Just adding little details that are old, worn, antique, heirlooms makes such a difference and adds so much depth and meaning.

 Americana at its finest.

 Pared down and minimal, nothing extra, just pretty, old things.

 Sqwauk-a-doodle-do. I love this space. Check the glass cut outs front and center. Geez. When can I move in? 

 Industrial accents are a major part of this movement. Lighting, old wheels, pulleys, stools, pretty much anything with rust.

 Signs awesome.

 And you absolutely must have a painting of at least one old person who you don't know hanging somewhere in your home. Required.

 Skulls and antlers::most definitely.


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