The death of blogging and other terrifying topics.

Two very important things I'd like to discuss this Friday. 

Numero Uno: Are Blogs Dying?

This topic has been discussed ad nauseum in the blogging community for the past, oh I'd say, year. Everyone is kinda saying that Pinterest and Instagram are way easier to look at and on and on. I see some of my favorite bloggers saying things like this. People stop! You are making me sad! Here's the thing. Pinterest is fine and all. Twitter is whatever. I don't use Instagram. I have no clue how people have time for all of it! Yes. I agree. Finding something to post about everyday is hard. It is work for sure and if you don't think so, you're dumb. When I get inspiration I have to immediately put some words down, jot notes, start posts and save them, you get it? This blog is my third job. It is a practice, everyday. But like all things that are a practice it has brought me so much joy and frustration and reward and disappointment. It is work. Because there are one hundred bajillion blogs out there doing something very similar to what you are doing, no doubt. I don't look at the blogs that I do because of the originality of their photos. I look at them and keep coming back to them because of the VOICE behind those blogs. And here's the thing. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter-those things do not convey that voice like a blog does. The big blogs, the ones that are formulaic and product driven? Those don't interest me like the ones with personality do.  Blogs connect people. They are a place to do, talk, write, post whatever you want to. So, PLEASE, stop talking about the death of the blog. You are killing me.

Numero Dos: The before and after of Carrie Bradshaw's apartment.

Um. No. This is not a joke thankyouverymuch. Lying in bed last night while J took a shower and what else pops up in the guide but Sex and the City: The Movie. Please don't make fun of me (well, you can if you really want to, it's ok, I'm ok with it). Thought I'd just watch it for a few until he came to bed. Not so, my friends, not so. Watched every last second of that movie. By the time it ended he was snoring softly next to me. Shame. On. Me. It's bad but it's one of those movies I just have to keep watching. The wedding scene when he doesn't show up and the meeting on the street with the limo and his towncar and the Mexican honeymoon and the...oh wait, nevermind, we are here to talk design my friends. 

I've referenced my fondness for undone decorating before. Primary example is the before and after of Miss Carrie Bradshaw's apartment. I know it's not "decorated"  in the beginning per say. But it speaks volumes about the person who lives there. Let's look.

I've always liked the entry:

 Some vintage posters, haphazard organizing, muted paint color. Unfussy. 

Living Room:

 It's boring but I like the masculine edge. Personal pieces. Photo vignette on the credenza. Kinda going for the lamps here. Or at least the nice shades. Very mid century.


Which they definitely worked with over the years. I like this incarnation but I like the one below more. It is so not decorated in any traditional sense of the word. But I love the rug with that lavender duvet with the chair as a nightstand with the little bench at the end of the bed.
Note the different bench, lack of rug and more neutral bedding. I love this phase. I remember being obsessed with her bedside lamp, that white one, when I was younger. So funny.
And knowing that these are the curtains that are hanging there makes me happy too:
Awful photo but how much did you love her desk space? Right? Those Marimekko curtains were shouting my name when I moved into my first studio apartment. Shouting!

The closet:

 No words. I'd like it with all of the clothes please.

And now the afters:

 Barf. Hate it all.

 That blue color is so WRONG in this space. So is that awful rug. Yeah, the one near the desk? Bleh.

 This look is trying SO HARD.
"Look at me! I'm eclectic! I'm creative! I like unusual things!"
Stop. It. 

 Carrie was never one for sofas or tons of comfy seating so I understand the settees. But please please please could they have done them in a more modern fabric? I don't know. Maybe these would be ok in another space but I can't stand them with that mirrored table and that rug.

PAINFUL. This literally makes me want to cry. Those lamps. ughthoselamps. Could you imagine a more depressing place to live on the daily? Forget it. Thank GOD her and Big got back together and she got to move into that place with the dream closet. Thank god.

 I have to say, I'm a little smitten with the lucite bench. With another fabric it would be fab. But this whole photo screams ugly to me. I hate the gallery wall behind the bed (why do the frames go beneath the line of the headboard? why?), but I hate the bedding even more. Granny chic? Not workin.

 This is what I was thinking about when I dozed off last night. 
Pretty funny huh?
And that about wraps up today's edition of All Things Crucial and Important.


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