Vintage findings.

Hope you all had a flashy firework filled 4th of July. I have an unexpected few days off which is quite lovely. Today is going to be all hanging with Ponyboy, working on my blog and relaxing. I spent some of my time off cleaning and pushing furniture around. I am in desperate need of a new lamp for the living room. A swing arm would work nicely but I'm totally trapped between the traditional and the modern. Nothing's really catching my eye. I'd also like some fun throw pillows. I had to change out the rug because this little number is a d i s a s t e r lemmetellyou. Really pretty to look at but it is completely and utterly nonfunctional. It sheds all over, it is impossible to vacuum and it functions better as a blanket than a rug. I mean, rugs are to WALK ON right people? They have to be able to be cleaned! So I brought in the old grey Ikea which equals a lot of grey. Any suggestions for pillows? Something ethnic. (Although I'm almost 110% positive I am banned from bringing anymore ethnic textiles or paintings of old people we don't know into the house. This cohabiting thing has its downside too folks.) Ready set go. Pillows!


I asked for suggestions!

 Ok. Well.
In the meantime...enjoy some of my favorite pulls from One Kings Lane this week.
After the j

All about the patina on this one. So perfect for an entry. 

Whoa right? Totes picturing this with some sort of woven ultra natural fiber lampshade in a fun office. 

Um. Duh. In a kitchen it would be amazing. And it's kind of a steal at $685.

yesyesyesyesyesyes. idoidoidoidoidoidoido. But with a different cushion please.

What a cute lil gift this would make.

I like this as art. Framed or not.

The scale of this is what I like. It's big. And it just sold. Boo.

I really don't know how many times I have to ask you guys for a vintage oushak, khotan or beni ourain. Let's look back to here, here, and here. I mean, seriously guys. I'm not kidding. Bday is riiighhgt around that corner. Make it happen.

I'm kinda shocked that I like this so much. Definitely not my usual style. But there is something almost magical about the colors. It looks very twinkling-lights-at-Christmastime. 
(My roomie would most certainly break up with me if I brought this into our home.Without a doubt.)

Kids room or mans office. Nice lil decorative touch if you will.

Cute. On top of the refrigerator or on a shelf, mabes with some bread in it.


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