I've been giving you loads of color of this week. Time to turn the clocks back and start the day today with something serene and calm. I'm hoping this will dictate how my day goes...fingers crossed boos. Literally counting down the hours until 6pm when I am going to drive straight to Papalote, pick up the fattest burrito you've ever seen, come home, snuggle with Pony P and read (I'm so embarrassed to admit what I'm reading right now. There are just certain things a lady has to keep to herself and her iPad.). It feels like Friday to me but it is so not Friday. Thursday. Oh well. We'll take Thursday for the win and go with it. I hope you all have Thursdays that bring you magical unicorns and sparkling gems. Over and out bitches. 

 Interiors after jump!

 A lil tip for you: On days when I'm feeling like this (ie tired, baggy, back ready to break into two, feet aching, brain aching...you know those days), I always take a little extra time to look good. Do my hair, wear something I love, put makeup on (I hate makeup. I hate it.). Between the time I wrote that paragraph above and now, I dried and straightened my hair and put on my favorite shirt. Feel better already. Always helps me get through the day. Try it. Trust me.

Another lil tip for you: There's a section on this blog riiiighht over there to the right of this post that says "Follow this blog." People. It's not there for good looks. FOLLOW THIS BLOG. Sheesh.

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  1. My heart be still...that large letter A. I know typography is being way overdone, but not like that. Swoon.


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