The Urban Suburban.

Country living in the big city. My friends from work call me the urban suburban. Which I guess I kind of am. Part of me likes living in the city for all of its good restaurants (of which we recently realized that we eat at the same three or four constantly), shopping, convenience, access to busy-ness. And then there's the other part, that seems to get bigger and bigger as I get older, that is ready for a cabin in the country with gobs of land, a gazillion dogs and a garden. Or I'd settle for a nice house on Gig Harbor with sweeping views of the water and a boat docked out front. We plot our escape from the city on the regular these days. I've still got big dreams of tons of kidlets running around, packing up the car for summer vacation to the lake, sipping wine on a wraparound porch in our rocking chairs. So, to honor my crossed fingers, some inspiration. 


Spotlight: Rawlins Calderone Design.

Morning dolls. The week has steadily improved I'moverthemoontotellyou. And I will very begrudgingly admit that it probably has to do with getting back into a solid workout routine. Luckily, summer has, at long last, arrived in our foggy city. Sunny and 70 every day which makes for perfect running weather. I've been out there pounding the pavement, sweating it all out and, as much as I hate doing it while I'm doing it, I feel so much closer to divine happiness when I'm done. Deeevine. 

Do any of you party people work from home? Like, your home is your office? What are your thoughts on this? It's pretty much my fantasy. I'm a Cancer. I'm obsessed with my home. It's my womb, where I feel most comfortable, at ease, content. I love the freedom of getting up, making coffee, blogging in my pajamas, being around to walk the dog, work out, make lunch, you get it. And as I've been getting more design work, I have more actual work to do in my home office. I don't think this is for everyone. You have to have a unique kind of focus (like the kind where you don't wander into the living room and turn on the Housewives mid-afternoon). I like it. But it can also get a little bit lonely. I'm not even really working from home as I have a full-time job outside of all of this. But, still, in my off time from work at work, I'm working from home. It's a quiet gig. This is when I normally feel like I need to get out and go to a coffee shop, which is what I'm doing today, to get work done. I often find when I do it, I'm rewarded by fresh ideas and more productive hours. We shall see. 

I thought we'd take a wee look at Rawlins Calderone Design today. 
In the spotlight.


"The fall collection is now online."

Those words are pretty much music to my ears when they are coming from Jayson Home, quite possibly my favorite store on.the.planet. I cannot even begin to imagine how perfect my life would be if only if only I was a buyer for Jayson Home. What a dream job. Their aesthetic is completely in tune with what happens in my head each and every day. Neutrals, antiques, global. I want to crawl into their website and live there. Seriously.

I spent time shopping yesterday for a client and found some pretty dreamy stuff from the fall collection. Which are your favorites? 

Wait. Does it look like this is the whole store? Kind of.


Make it Yours.

Let's just say that the weekend went by way too fast and now here I am, back on Tuesday, the worst day ever invented if you ask me. I have been having some angst lately, related to what I am not quite sure, but it needs to get out. I will say that carving out a path for yourself isn't the easiest road you can take and I do believe that I am struggling through a muddy patch. Unless you are either well-connected or extremely lucky, building your own business is a lot of hard work with very little teensy tiny rewards (that come along in even tinier doses), at least in the beginning which is all I can really talk about in my experience. Yes, I have some exciting things happening: new clients, some potential sponsors. But the effort that's required to make these things happen is tremendous and being your own cheerleader every day, day in and day out, is exhausting, and disheartening sometimes. If you understood the guilt that sits with me every time I go to read a book or watch a movie, those little voices that say "you should be working. you will never be successful if you take all of this time away from it." *please keep in mind here that I also work a full-time job and manage my household* And then the larger voices that take up that nagging and continue with the larger issues at hand "you are 34 and have nothing to show for it. it's now or never this time. if you don't find a way to make this work you will be stuck in this apartment in this city in this job for the rest of your life." THOSE voices are the killers, and normally the ones that keep me chained to my computer most days, happily for the most part, I genuinely love what I do here and in my design business. I dunno. I guess shifts in the strata take time and that's what I'm in right now-the shifting. Slow and steady wins the race? Let's hope so. 

I've been doing some buying for the house and also some sourcing for clients so I'm back on the Make It Yours kick. Looking through tons of inspiration photos and scouring my favorite online shops for good products. As a designer I definitely have a formula that I use for my projects. I am an image driven person and I feed off of thumbing through my binders of pulls from magazines. That is how the process starts for me. I'll see an image and know that's the feel I want for a room (well, normally, it's a collection of images that I pull from). And then it's all about creating something different, with those images in mind. But often, even when I'm not doing work on a specific project, I'll pull certain things from images and know I will want to use it someday and, off I go, to try and source it. It's a good practice to establish and I often find other great products this way, without even looking intentionally. 

I've been really loving this image lately: 

Let's buy it.


Saturday Stunner.

If you ever wanted to know what a tired, burned out person looks like at the almost almost end their week, you could just take a peek at me today and all of your questions would be answered. It is not pretty.

If I were you, I'd look at this instead.

It is a two cuppa coffee day around here. I am going to force myself to work out solely to rid my body of this exhausted energy and then plow through my last day of work. What do y'all have planned for the weekend? We are going to lunch with good friends and then there are plans to do loads of relaxing, drinking of wine, reading of books, Sunday driving (we totally love to do this: get in the car with mugs of coffee and the dog on Sunday morning and just drive---we are old people at heart, for sure), movie watching, you get the drift. Cannot wait. 

Have happy days whatever they may bring you. Because I said so.

image via


This has nothing to do with design. Or anything, really.

This is what I have to wake up to this morning?! 

What the f#*k Emily??? She is blowing it by the looks of this cover. I was going to blog about something fabulous that I'm currently coveting today but forgetaboutit. I am heading straight to the couch to do some investigating. I have to get to the bottom of this Emily and Jef situation stat. If she screws up this one I am so done with her. I gave her a chance after she picked Jef because, yeah, she's weird and has fake erything (I mean, those teeth? Seriously, she's killing me.) but how can you be a bad person if you picked THAT guy? He's a gem, that Jef. That scene with the marionettes? 


Hold please. I'll be back after I see what this is all about.

 What a skank. He deserves so much better.

Anyway...I've got some other highlights to discuss from this weeks issue. 
Starting with this:

Wow Suri, impressive. Training wheels are on and you still need mom to hold the handlebars? 

And then we have this:
Kash Kade? That name just oozes class, doesn't it? Kash Kade. Oh my.
This does sound vaguely like the names Justin proposes for our unborn children, as painful as that is for me to admit. 
C l a s s y.

And on to this:
Breaking news that Taylor Swift just purchased a home in Hyannis, Cape Cod. Directly across the street from her new 18 year old beau. Um. This girl is crazy. Par for the course. One month of dating you and she'll be BUYING A HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET FROM YOU. Psycho. "Take it slow" is not in this girls vocab. Is it not creepy that he is going into his SENIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL and she's buying 5 million dollar properties? Creeps. Makes me shiver.

Just absolutely disgusting.

And that's all I've got for you today.
Enlightening wasn't it?


Spotlight: Deborah Berke

PS: My DVR is still recording all of the shows I downloaded yesterday. #outofcontrol

I was feeling totally uninspired when I woke up this morning. I blame it on the fog and chill in the air. But then I opened the image folder on my desktop and !WHAM! back it came. Deborah Berke definitely deserves some time in the spotlight. Their interiors work is clean, warm and a tad ironic, as you'll see. I love the use of antiques pieces mixed with modern lines. And, without a doubt, girl (who, in this case, is actually Caroline Wharton, the firms Director of Interior Design) knows how to use brown like no other. 


This is very serious.

Guys. We need to talk. We have a situation over here. I signed up for Direct TV and, when I did, they very kindly gave me three free months of HBO and Showtime. I didn't fully understand what this would mean to my life. That is, until this morning. The last 30 minutes found me recording entire seasons of Girls, Game of Thrones (TWO seasons of this thankyouverymuch), The Newsroom, Homeland and How to Make it in America. Uh oh. We are officially in the danger zone. Combine this with the winter weather we are having over here in this sunny old city and we are in big big trouble. Big. I mean, what's a girl to do? It's free. For three months. I have to take advantage, right? I also am the unfortunate (and fortunate, I guess, it was a fun night) owner of a big fat wine headache. Only cure for that is TV and pasta. 

Don't fret my little mosquitos, I am a chronic worker so I will be plowing through a bunch of stuff on my to do list while I partake. I am working with a client right now on freshening up her house with an updated look. 
These are the photos I'm using for inspiration:


Seat of the Week: Wishbone.

Wishbone Chair
So hey, I just met you and this is crazy...
Oh wait.

Designed by Hans Wegner, genius extraordinaire, and produced by Carl Hansen and Son.

I am in love. Always have been, always will be.


Da da da dahlias.

I scratched my eyeball sleeping last night. How do you do that? It hurts and my eye won't stop watering. So yeah. There's that.

The dahlia garden in Golden Gate Park is a five minute walk from my front door. It is so silly but it is something that the three of us love to do-get up, grab coffee and walk over together to ooh and ahh over the huge blooms. Justin is way into gardening. I could kinda take it or leave it. But there is something so beautiful and gratifying about that little slice of time. Yeah, we laugh a lot and have gaggles of fun, the two of us. But it's the moments where we are just walking along looking at the dahlias that are IT for me.

If life gives me nothing else, well, that's just fine.


The hunter.

Gosh. Maybe it's the coming of fall (despite living in a city where there are really no seasons I think my body and mind remember it from all of the cities before) but I cannot get enough of hunter green lately. Really. I have noticed it highlighted a little (like in the new InStyle) so maybe it's a trend that I have subtly been fed and am just oblivious to. 

Do you guys notice that you'll be suddenly really wanting something, like, out of nowhere and then you start seeing it in magazines on the blogs on the models everywhere? This happens to me. And I can't figure out if I'm AHEAD of the trend or if I just haven't noticed the cues I'm being fed by mass media. hmmm.

I am in love with this hue. I like green. I do. I have leaned more emerald in the past but, let me tell you, my ways are changing. Hunter is a little darker, a little moodier. It looks amazing against wood. It is perfection paired with gold. And white, oh white. This is why I want some for my bedroom. I am considering this vintage kantha to throw over my chair:

It's pretty gorge, isn't it? Paired with a neutral chair. Lovely.
It's an eBay score and I got offered a deal I'm not sure I can refuse. 
You know what that means...buy!

Some hunter green that's inspiring me lately, after the jump.


Saturday Stunner.

There really is not much better in the morning than a hot cup of coffee is there?

Waxing nostalgic.

I have the East Coast on my brain this morning. A friend is making the long long move from San Francisco to Manhattan next week to work in the fashion industry. Bomb, right? It has brought up all sorts of hopes and dreams I used to have about moving back that way. I say "used to" because, the longer I live this life, the further and further that seems from ever becoming a reality. 

I wish I was closer to my little nieces who are impossibly girly and cute and who grow up so fast from this far away it is stunning. I wish I lived in tune with the seasons, like actual seasons with leaves changing and temperatures dropping and storing of summer clothes. I wish I could be back with my people. "My people" because there is simply no explaining away the differences between the people on these opposing coasts. I miss my proper, private, somewhat-cold-but-warm-underneath East Coasters. These Californians, man, they want to tell you everything about themselves when they barely know you (and I do mean everything). As long as I live here, that will never be me. 

I wish an old New England cottage with dormer windows was in my future. With windows where the crisp clean end-of-a-fall-day light would stream in. And where we would fall asleep on top of the sheets with the windows flung wide wide open in the hot summers. I wish our future bebies would never experience a Christmas without snow and twinkling lights wrapped around lampposts (Let's face it-the East Coast does Christmas so much better than us it's shameful. All those wreaths and garland, quaint houses and pine trees.). 

I wish I wish I wish. Maybe someday the road will take us back there, maybe. 
And maybe not. 


Seat of the Week: Lucite

If it were up to me I would have a house filled entirely with chairs and lamps, without a doubt my two obsessions. 

And my office would look like this, with those glorious chairs and that amahzing light:

Best of luck ever finding these except by some massive stroke of luck at the flea or something. I've been scouring all of my online resources for weeks to no avail.

Lucite Z Chair
Be mine.

PS-I am going to go ahead and officially call this week a slump. I am in a horrible mood, can't shake it, don't know why, don't know how, just am. It's a rough one.

Here's to hoping you lovely people enjoy your Fridays and fill them with laughter, love and drunken happy hours. 


Vice Versa.

First things first-please bear with me and Eva as we try to figure out this font situation. I know some of you are having a hard time reading the new font on certain browsers so we have made it larger until we find a different font. It's huge, I know. And rather unattractive right now. So sorry. Back to regular posting. 

As B sees it:

So, the Olympics happened. This small affair got me thinking about athletics (duh) and sports (wait...is that the same thing?) and hence, led my wee little brain to fashion. Of course, why not? In the past few years I have seen some appealing shots on various fashion blogs (mostly Jak and Jil, the dopest) where a simply stylish girl is wearing a baseball hat paired with her Proenza Schouler and Celine. This look has tended to stick in my mind because it is one of those fashion moments where something so unexpected is mixed with something obviously pleasing to the eye, such as said designers. This could potentially be a disaster waiting to happen, and I am sure that it does often (why is the geography of the midwest popping into my mind?), but if done well and with the correct sartorial intentions, it can be so friggin right.

So basically, what I'm trying to say is that one need not be afraid to go ahead and show their team spirit (or hide a bad hair day) in a way that is tasteful, which means that it should be paired with something aesthetically pleasing-high and low, if you will. And you should, because the Yankees would want you to.


And what it looks like around here:


Spotlight: Katie Ridder.

I cannot possibly explain it in a way to make you understand, that is unless you are a resident of the fine city of San Francisco and by resident I don't mean that you live in the Mission or SOMA, which are always sunny, like, everyday of the week. This summer fog. You just cannot possibly get it until you are forced to live under it's grueling iron fist day in and day out. It'll suck the very life out of you. And along with the life it'll suck the to-do list, the cleaning, the working out, all of it, right out of your body and you will be left lying on your cozy sofa under a blanket with your dog and Downton Abbey. All. Day. Long. I am on a mission to win today. I will succeed!

I need a good dose of color. Wanna check out some Katie Ridder? Ok. I agree. Let's.

To be honest, I'll say that some of it isn't my fave. But she certainly has a way with color and she uses it very liberally. I am definitely more drawn to her muted designs (shocking!). 


On dressing the bed.

Let's discuss.

Like creating vignettes, dressing a bed is a very carefully honed skill. One that I have yet to master. I look at photos of well made beds for hours hoping that some of that knowledge and creativity will seep into my bones my brain my hands. Nottayet. I am really at the point with our house (ha. who am i kidding? apartment.) where we have all of the core pieces. Aside from wanting a new console situation in the living room I feel relatively happy with all of the other furniture we have. Now comes the fun part. After all these years of saving for the big stuff it is time to get into the little stuff. The layering. The  pattern texture color. 

We have a king size bed which is the most obnoxious thing you could ever have but we sleep two adults and a dog very comfortably and I will never go back. Right now our bedding is white. All white except for some charcoal grey throw pillows from Canvas. In fact, most of the room is white, in various shades and incarnations, with a healthy dose of wood, metal and an antiqued blue armoire. I want to dress my bed. I know that it'll change the entire room. I'm just hemming and hawing over which direction to go in. I want one million throw pillows, that is for sure. Something to mask the size of the bed. It seems, in my bed studies, that the key to dressing a helluva bed is through layering it. If you go neutral or patterned, layer layer layer. In the crazier patterns have at least two matching of something, two pillows, two shams, two, with various other colors and patterns mixed in.

But hmmmm...so many options.


In other news.

I have been crushing on this image for longer than a hot minute.

I know that I've blogged about necklaces as decor but this is far and away my favorite photo of hanging something like a necklace on your walls. What a nice vignette. And I have to know what that big long necklace thing is because this needs to happen in my living room or my bedroom. First person with an answer for me wins something fun and exciting. I don't know what yet. But it'll be good. Promise.

image via Elle Decor July/August 2012



Well, it's Monday and, oddly, I'm feeling a little blah today. Normally Monday is one of my favorite days of the week. But today I woke up with a mild case of anxiety and I can't seem to shake it quite yet. It's interesting this whole life thing, isn't it? I have to say since I turned 34 a little less than a month ago there has definitely been a change in my attitude. 33 brought me so much tension and moodiness and so many feelings of insecurity and being unsure. I literally could not wait for that year to be over. And then 34 came and it feels like I just kind of sank down into it and that's where I am and it's all going to be ok, even though nothing has changed, really. I have lived with the weight of comparison in my life for so long and it finally feels like I can accept that this is my life and things will happen for me when it's my time. But that doesn't mean that some days I don't still wake up and feel the anxiety beast just sitting there on my chest, making it awfully difficult to breathe and getting in the way of any sort of positive thinking. And those are the days that I panic a little and cross my fingers that there is a plan for me and that, even though I am less than a little aware, I am on my path and it's all for a reason. Right? It's all for a reason? Plus I have this hangnail on my finger and it is driving me crazy. 

These are the days where it's helpful to go online shopping (duh). I mean, if your house looks good, you look good. And if you look good, you feel good. This is all very logical. Just for fun here's my pinterest board of things I am hoping to buy for the hizouzz today. Oh wait. I don't have any money. Nevermind. Do you guys put things in various shopping bags online and then total everything up to see how much money it would take to have your heart's desires? I do (I do!). My total for today is approximately 3000 bones. Takers? 

Ok. Well, onto other things I guess. 

If I can't go shopping then I'll attempt at zen and try to take myself back to how I felt the day we came back from the wedding in the San Juan's. We had spent the weekend almost entirely outdoors. Hiking, biking, boating, ferrying. Bedroom windows flung wide open. Birds chirping. Sticks cracking. Silence. Not another human in sight. It made everything in life seem so simple. It really did feel like it was all going to be ok. It's a little harder to summon that feeling in the middle of the big city when you can't see the sky from your window and you tend to forget how big and wide this world really is. 


It is all going to be ok.



Findings: V and M.

My brain is all random thoughts and dreams this morning. Most importantly I would love to know why, although I am exhausted from a long week, I can no longer sleep past 7AM. Anyone? I have nothing to get up for today. Nothing on the books except sun time and a baseball game. The thick fog that rolled in heavy last night is still laying on the neighborhood so everything is all dark and quiet (very Christmas-y I might add. love.) in the bedroom. I'm tired. Why can't I sleep? I can only surmise that this new trend has something to do with getting older. 


I'm so not one of those people who hates aging but I could totally do without this part of it. My morning pattern has become: wake up, still very sleepy, to get a glass of water, groggily look at the clock, note that it is only 6:45 and !yay! I still have so much time to sleep. Climb back in bed, lay there, lay there. Grab iPhone, check emails, put it down and roll back over. Lay there. Roll onto stomach to get more comfortable. Lay there. Grab iPhone again. Check Twitter. Respond to some tweets. Put it down and roll back over. Lay there. Lay there. Iphone. Facebook. Social media headache begins. Repeat. iPhone. Pinterest. Down. Lay. Repeat. USWeekly. Give up, go make coffee and climb back bed with the computer. Still tired. 

It is far beyond very disconcerting to me that I know not only what all of my friends did last night and are doing today before I get out of bed, but that I know what designers, bloggers and celebs did and are doing too. Finding out what Kristen Cavallari named her baby before I put my feet on the ground in the morning is NOT A PRIORITY FOR ME (and yes, I read the story, and the comments as well...who knew Camden would cause such a stir?). This is what one does when they are 34 and can no longer sleep past 7 but desperately want to stay in bed anyway. Maybe my phone should start sleeping in the kitchen? 
Ya, you think...

Anyhoo. Today I'm going to clue you guys in to one very excellent store and give you one million reasons why you should be shopping there. It's pretty awesome #notgoingtolie (oh twitter, i actually kinda hate you). 

Without further hesitation (so dramatic right?)...
I give you my faves from Vintage and Modern this week: 


Saturday Stunner.

Yowza. If only.

If only I had those hip bones.
And those skinny arms.
And that gorgeous top.
And anywhere to wear pants like that.

Have a happy Saturday whatever you party people may be doing. It's not my weekend q u i t e yet but tomorrow I can promise you I will be soaking in the sun with a glass of wine. 


Currently Coveting: Herringbone.

But seriously. I cannot decide between these and wide plank wood floors. How to decide. How to decide. Oh wait. I don't have to. 
I rent. 

Off to work. This week feels looooong. 


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