Ah. So sorry I've been absent all week. I couldn't figure out how to get into my posts while my designer is coding away. But I have finally found it and I'm back with all sorts of beautiful new things to share with you. Please bear with us over here as the design process takes place. I know my posts don't look so hot because we are still tweaking the margins. We should be all ready for relaunch of the site by Monday so stay tuned for a newer, much better looking blog. How happy am I to not have to look at that horrible banner anymore? Pretty f*&ing happy.

The good thing about taking a few days off from the blog (I have literally been twiddling my thumbs with eagerness to post) is that I have a TON of inspiration just sitting here littering up my desktop and iCal. I've gotten to settle in to scour the worldwide web for design, catch up on all of my latest magazines and thumb through some old books. Good stuff.

My lady Blair started a new j o b this week so Vice Versa isn't airing today as planned but stay tuned for a new one next Thursday. Instead I thought I'd share some photos from the new issue of Rue. When I was eyeing them two themes kept running through my head-organic modernism and earthy glam. The spaces featured are all so woodsy and masculine. Lots of layering and shots of metallic. Ethnic rugs. Prints. Patterns. I love all of it.

Organic modern:

That is perfection. Oh. The rug, the styling of the whole nightstand area, that chair, the rug. Never been a huge fan of the zinc furniture but it is success here for sure.

Love the candles. And the philosophy is one we should all be striving for. Create a mood lovers. 

I don't even know where to begin. There is a lot going on here but it achieves some sort of seventies organic look that is doing it for me. Um. This is in TEXAS. Would you have ever, in one million years, guessed that? 

Not a huge fan of the sunburst mirrors or the slatted bench but I dig the slab table with the Wegner chairs.

For the chandelier and the chairs.

That bed with the prints, the dolls, the confetti system. I hope I have a little girl that sleeps in a room like this.

And now the glam:

Over. The. Top. But kinda fab in a rockstar way.

Again, so much going on. Antlers. Gold. Fur. Crazy patterned furniture. Totally working this look.

Fond of the use of purples here. With the wood and the gold.

Whoa. The mix of styles is stunning. And what is up with the headboard? Bomb.

Don't even get me started on the wood, the black lucite, the rug. 

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