Dolla bills yo.

So, guys. I need to talk. There are a few things I need for my living room. And a few I wouldn't mind for my bedroom. Got some cash lying around you'd like to share? Hello? Are you listening? 

Turns out the pillows I bought for my new sofa are way under proportion and I need some monsters with some color to prop on this thing (people-you should really measure everything out before you buy it). I'm thinking these for sure:

 I really want to get some color in here. But I have to admit, I am stumped. Vintage. Possibly Etsy. Kantha?

Desperately need a new lamp for my awkwardly shaped living room. Has be able to be tucked into a corner. Thinking something with a swing arm because I definitely want a shade. I honestly don't really care that much what this looks like because it is going to be behind the couch and the only thing you will see is the shade. And perhaps a wall sconce. Some of these below are nice. Hmmm. Also. I need something for above the tv (mabes I'll find something at the flea today fingerscrossed). And a new throw for the sofa too.

This is the lamp that I want so badly but I have NO IDEA what it is. 
Anyone? Please.

 I'm digging the mix of prints in all of these photos. Def what I'm going for. I am particularly smitten with that blue and pink number in the last pic. What do y'all think? Is it custom? I dunno. It seems like I should just buy a bunch of randoms and stick em together. With a new jute rug. Yup. That would certainly make me very happy.

We can talk about the bedroom another day.



  1. good posting about Dolla bills yo.

  2. Ok. Fun game. Found a similar lamp (a bit MORE industrial) here http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-INDUSTRIAL-AGE-O-C-WHITE-MACHINE-STEAM-PUNK-ARTICULATED-FLOOR-LAMP-/261082337314?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cc9b85022#ht_500wt_1240

    The key to having a shade like on the one you Love - is that extra bend in the arm directly over the shade.

    Read ya' later - gotta live my life too. ;-)



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