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My brain is all random thoughts and dreams this morning. Most importantly I would love to know why, although I am exhausted from a long week, I can no longer sleep past 7AM. Anyone? I have nothing to get up for today. Nothing on the books except sun time and a baseball game. The thick fog that rolled in heavy last night is still laying on the neighborhood so everything is all dark and quiet (very Christmas-y I might add. love.) in the bedroom. I'm tired. Why can't I sleep? I can only surmise that this new trend has something to do with getting older. 


I'm so not one of those people who hates aging but I could totally do without this part of it. My morning pattern has become: wake up, still very sleepy, to get a glass of water, groggily look at the clock, note that it is only 6:45 and !yay! I still have so much time to sleep. Climb back in bed, lay there, lay there. Grab iPhone, check emails, put it down and roll back over. Lay there. Roll onto stomach to get more comfortable. Lay there. Grab iPhone again. Check Twitter. Respond to some tweets. Put it down and roll back over. Lay there. Lay there. Iphone. Facebook. Social media headache begins. Repeat. iPhone. Pinterest. Down. Lay. Repeat. USWeekly. Give up, go make coffee and climb back bed with the computer. Still tired. 

It is far beyond very disconcerting to me that I know not only what all of my friends did last night and are doing today before I get out of bed, but that I know what designers, bloggers and celebs did and are doing too. Finding out what Kristen Cavallari named her baby before I put my feet on the ground in the morning is NOT A PRIORITY FOR ME (and yes, I read the story, and the comments as well...who knew Camden would cause such a stir?). This is what one does when they are 34 and can no longer sleep past 7 but desperately want to stay in bed anyway. Maybe my phone should start sleeping in the kitchen? 
Ya, you think...

Anyhoo. Today I'm going to clue you guys in to one very excellent store and give you one million reasons why you should be shopping there. It's pretty awesome #notgoingtolie (oh twitter, i actually kinda hate you). 

Without further hesitation (so dramatic right?)...
I give you my faves from Vintage and Modern this week: 

They have an amazing selection that rotates all the time. Tons of product. Like, hundreds and billions of pages of product. It's like a big online flea that only has good stuff and is more expensive. Prices aren't that bad but then again I live in San Francisco. I paid 14 dollars for two ice creams cones last weekend. I have zero perspective on how much things in the real world actually cost anymore. 

I have been eyeing these up for kids rooms for awhile now. Really cute in the corner of a nursery. 

Lucite. Duh. Have one, love it, you should all have one too.

In a hallway, dressing room, frame it, hang it, wear it if you dare.

Obvs. We all know of my rug obsession by now don't we? If you don't, you need to start reading my friend.

Seriously. It's like the adult version of the butterfly chair.

My love of rattan is also pretty well documented. Get into it.

This is sooo Amanda Peet, right?

I know some of you haters out there are screaming for the end of the horn trend. I beg to differ. All in moderation. All in moderation. But they must be vintage and they must have a nice patina.

Again with the Peet inspiration. I never would've blinked twice at this lantern a year ago. But damn this image gets me again and again:

Totally digging that fixture.

If you don't love this chair, you don't get it. Go away.

Oooh. These are actually shockingly hard to find. I looked for something like this for my bedroom for years to no avail. This one is pretty perfect.

Yup. Vintage lighting. Nice in a living room or office.

I have really been feeling the ethnic accents lately. This piece is great. Nice shape, great wear and tear, a wee pop of color. Done.

Obsessed with this. Oh my goodness.

 And also with this. I actually really want this for my living room. Reminds me a bit of this:

Nice rustic touch for an apartment kitchen, or as a desk. But please don't play in to the shabby chic-ness of it. Pair it with a modern chair like, oh i know, a Bertoia.

Damian. See, they have good shit.

I'm furry and I know it. This could work with that little farmhouse table too, in an office. Pretty.

Kind of totally into this.

Reupholster these babies in something amazing, be it leather or nubby wool. 

Now goodbye. 8:45 and I'm blogged, caffeinated and showered. Not half bad for having absolutely no reason to be all of the above on a Sunday morning. 


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