In other news.

I have been crushing on this image for longer than a hot minute.

I know that I've blogged about necklaces as decor but this is far and away my favorite photo of hanging something like a necklace on your walls. What a nice vignette. And I have to know what that big long necklace thing is because this needs to happen in my living room or my bedroom. First person with an answer for me wins something fun and exciting. I don't know what yet. But it'll be good. Promise.

image via Elle Decor July/August 2012



  1. Hello! Just found you today via your comment on "greige". I have read back through to this post and may have an answer for you...
    braided leather reins.

    See some pics on EBAY here http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=braided+leather+reins

    Hope you are feeling happier today regarding your desire to "get back East".

    Just never let life move you to SoCal - I would be happy to be in SF area in comparison!

    You and Hubby (?) sound young (no kiddies yet) don't believe that you have to go where the work is... unless you work hard, save all of it and go live where you want - making your own way. If you're both on the same page this won't be difficult.

    I am a new follower - love your "eye" and humor! Cheers!

  2. Linda-I love that advice and am officially buying braided leather reins! I think I am learning more that making decisions on where to live based around work is not the right way...


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