Make it Yours.

Let's just say that the weekend went by way too fast and now here I am, back on Tuesday, the worst day ever invented if you ask me. I have been having some angst lately, related to what I am not quite sure, but it needs to get out. I will say that carving out a path for yourself isn't the easiest road you can take and I do believe that I am struggling through a muddy patch. Unless you are either well-connected or extremely lucky, building your own business is a lot of hard work with very little teensy tiny rewards (that come along in even tinier doses), at least in the beginning which is all I can really talk about in my experience. Yes, I have some exciting things happening: new clients, some potential sponsors. But the effort that's required to make these things happen is tremendous and being your own cheerleader every day, day in and day out, is exhausting, and disheartening sometimes. If you understood the guilt that sits with me every time I go to read a book or watch a movie, those little voices that say "you should be working. you will never be successful if you take all of this time away from it." *please keep in mind here that I also work a full-time job and manage my household* And then the larger voices that take up that nagging and continue with the larger issues at hand "you are 34 and have nothing to show for it. it's now or never this time. if you don't find a way to make this work you will be stuck in this apartment in this city in this job for the rest of your life." THOSE voices are the killers, and normally the ones that keep me chained to my computer most days, happily for the most part, I genuinely love what I do here and in my design business. I dunno. I guess shifts in the strata take time and that's what I'm in right now-the shifting. Slow and steady wins the race? Let's hope so. 

I've been doing some buying for the house and also some sourcing for clients so I'm back on the Make It Yours kick. Looking through tons of inspiration photos and scouring my favorite online shops for good products. As a designer I definitely have a formula that I use for my projects. I am an image driven person and I feed off of thumbing through my binders of pulls from magazines. That is how the process starts for me. I'll see an image and know that's the feel I want for a room (well, normally, it's a collection of images that I pull from). And then it's all about creating something different, with those images in mind. But often, even when I'm not doing work on a specific project, I'll pull certain things from images and know I will want to use it someday and, off I go, to try and source it. It's a good practice to establish and I often find other great products this way, without even looking intentionally. 

I've been really loving this image lately: 

Let's buy it.

-Ikea Stockholm Rug | Svpply vintage striped kilim
-Matteo vintage linen bedding
-Pottery Barn ruffled Euro sham

I visited 20x200 for some art choices. Loving these guys for this room:

Shuli Hallak

Joseph O. Holmes

Philip Cheung

Bert Teunison

And now this post just took me way too many hours. You don't even want to know. Sourcing is the most time consuming part of design. Especially when you have something specific in mind. 


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